2012-12-14 / Letters

Don’t leave non-refundable bottles at redemption site

To the editor:

Thanks once again to all of you who are participating in our bottle redemption program, located in the parking lot of the Kennebunkport Police Department.

While the volume of cans and bottles has certainly decreased with the end of tourist season, the amount of non-refundable bottles being left at the site remains high.

Due in part to our space limitations, we are throwing out about 100 to 150 wine bottles per week, not to mention other items that could easily be recycled.

As a reminder, if a bottle or can does not have a refundable sticker or label, it should not be left at the dumpster.

Cans or bottles that are flattened, crushed or missing labels are not acceptable, as they cannot be read by the scanners.

Milk containers should not be left at the dumpster, as there is no deposit paid on milk. Beverage containers purchased in New Hampshire are not refundable.

If you didn’t buy the beverage in Maine, please don’t bring it to the dumpster.

We certainly want to encourage recycling and all nonrefundable beverage containers, along with most glass, plastics, papers and cardboard can be brought to the Sea Road transfer station, or be put out with your curbside recycling pick up.

Your help and ongoing support of this program is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.

Harvey Flashen
Kennebunk Portside Rotary

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