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A Message from the Women Attorneys Thompson & Bowie, LLP

The character and quality of a law firm are defined by its people. At Thompson & Bowie, LLP, our history of proven success is due in large part to our client-centered philosophy. We understand that involvement in a legal matter can be unsettling. For that reason, we work closely with our clients from the beginning to demystify the legal process and find effective, commonsense solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Every day, we represent doctors, nurses, dentists, attorneys, architects, engineers, accountants, surveyors, real estate brokers, marina operators, ship owners, boat builders, psychologists, social workers, physical therapists, business owners and many other professionals. We thoroughly enjoy the work that we do not only because we achieve positive results, but because of the strong relationships we form with our clients.

As Thompson & Bowie, LLP approaches its 35th year of providing exceptional legal representation in Northern New England, we welcome the opportunity to share our success with you.

Sweet Marguerites Opens its First Chocolate Café

Sweet Marguerites Chocolate Café is the newest endeavor of the Swoboda family from South Portland. The family has been making and sharing handmade chocolates for six years out of their home-based production center. Last April, the Chocolate Café opened, offering chocolates, treats, espresso and coffee drinks, wi-fi and more.

The chocolate production has been moved to the Chocolate Café and the chocolates are made in the open. Customers can see, and smell, the chocolates being made. The Café also offers custom chocolate assortments that are not available at other retailers.

The company uses as many local ingredients as it can. Among other ingredients, the cream is from Smiling Hill Farm, the butter is from Vermont Butter and Cheese, and the sea salt is from the Gulf of Maine. The company also strives to be earth-friendly. In addition to recycling, the coffee grounds are composted. Customers are encouraged to pick up used coffee grounds for their gardens.

The Swobodas have plans for several events at the store. The Chocolate Café will be open until 8 pm on Halloween and they are inviting all their young friends and neighbors to trickor treat at the shop starting at 5 pm. Later in the year, classes in chocolate making will be offered as well.

Art, Home Decor and Gifts

Lydia Webber and her daughter, Wendy have opened SummerHouse and are looking forward to a busy holiday season! SummerHouse offers local art, gifts and home décor. Lydia Webber is well known for her Wild Lupine Farm Studio hand-painted glassware as well as her bright and colorful

Picket Fence Fish. She started out over 20 years ago in local shows and her work is now carried in over 65 retail shops and galleries nationwide. Lydia has had other successful retail/gallery shops including Wild Lupine Farm Studio and Cape Cottage Gallery. Wendy Webber is a painter and

jeweler. Her most recent endeavor has her very busy painting custom pet portraits! Lydia and Wendy are a creative powerhouse. Their new space SummerHouse boasts a welcoming and inspiring environment with a fun, coastal feel. It’s a perfect stop for a unique and thoughtful gift.

When Growth Matters

Are you looking to grow your business? Are you stuck, struggling with the pressure, or ready to give up? Is employee moral low? Do you need marketing, website or social

media support? Let me help you and your team, get back to growing. After decades of working for local, national and international businesses, I am offering my acquired

knowledge to you, for your growth opportunities. For more information go to http:// www.whengrowthmatters.com/ Initial consultation is free.

Known for their Sparkle, but they do so much more!

Cindy Andrews and Jessie Festino, owners of Design to Clean, have brought together a unique combination of services that their clients love. “We clean, organize, and stage homes, to make life easier for

homeowners.” Clients that range from private homeowners to real estate agents Cindy and Jessie spend time listening to their clients’ needs whether they are getting their home ready for market or just need a

little more help keeping up with the weekly cleanings. When we see our clients happy then we know we have made their lives a little easier and that is what keeps us passionate about our company every day.

Mother and Daughter Team!

Becky Bagley & her brother Jon Bagley Becky Bagley & her brother Jon Bagley

Nancy Robinson and Becky Bagley, a mother-daughter team never dream that they’d own a business together; however, when the opportunity to open a deli on Route 1 in Wells arose, they saw the potential it had. After some debate on whether it was the right move or in this economy, when Becky was laid off from her job as an architect, the decision was made for them - what better time could there be? After much effort and planning throughout the fall of 2011, Nancy and Becky recognized that the help of a professional chef would enhance their product; enter Jon Bagley (Becky’s brother) professional chef at Pedro’s and partowner of The Tourist Trap. Together, the family runs the store seven days a week, with the help of two other employees (another brother, Buzzy, and local resident, Andrea). While Becky splits her time between the Tourist Trap and building her own architecture practice, she can be found behind the counter six days a week.

With their combined history, the family brings over 30 years of food, customer service, business management experience. The family also shares a love for art, which they have brought into the Tourist Trap. Locals and tourists alike may come in to find a variety of gifts - paintings, cards, woodwork, and so much more, all displayed on custom-made, clearfi nished wood shelving that Becky and her boyfriend built themselves in hopes to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere where customers can also sit down and enjoy a meal prepared just for them.

Becky and her family take pride in making almost everything they serve from scratch. So when you come in for a meal, you’re getting something you can’t get anywhere else.

From homemade soups and chowders, to their very own pizza sauce, and much more in between, customers with all tastes are sure to find something to hit the spot. Next time you’re in the area, you can stop in to meet the family at The Tourist Trap, have some delicous food, and pick up beautiful, locally made art and crafts while you’re at it.

Life Prosperity Coaching is for YOU! Live a more balanced, more fulfilling life.

Jayne D. B. Marsh, a Certified Professional Coach with Vision Coaching, specializes in Life Prosperity through Personal and Professional Growth. Previously 22 years at USM; 10 in the Social Behavioral Science Program; 12 at Muskie Institute in Emotional Health Research and Education.

Jayne is Core Energy Coaching Certified by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching accredited by the International Coaching Federation. Jayne is Master Practitioner Certified in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment with two Master’s degrees and an early professional nursing history.

Jayne provides individual/ group phone/in-person coaching, Mastermind Groups and Customized Lifeshops, Trainings, Presentations on Life Prosperity topics.

Frosty’s Donuts “ NOW OPEN” On Broadway In South Portland

Portland’s donut aficionados need only cross the Casco Bay Bridge for a taste of the famous Frosty’s Donut. The new South Portland location is the third Frosty’s Donut shop and opened its doors on Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. to serve up some of the best donuts South Portland has ever tasted. Bob and June Frost opened the first Frosty’s Donut Shop at 54 Maine St. in Brunswick, in 1965 and churned out meltin your-mouth donuts for over 45 years. Bob Frost closed the shop for a spell in 2011 after his wife June Frost passed away, but the Maine Street location

reopened under the ownership of a new husband and wife team: Nels Omdal and Shelby St. Andre. A third husband and wife team joins the business with Haj and Keyla Carr partnering up with Omdal and St. Andre to open the new South Portland location. Haj Carr tasted his first Frosty’s Donut while studying at nearby Bowdoin College, where the shop’s famous 4 a.m. opening time and weekdaysonly schedule made it ideal for a quick pick-me-up after a long night of studying. After graduating, the Carrs settled down in Brunswick before

eventually relocated to Cape Elizabeth. “We’re long-time lovers of Frosty’s Donuts and we couldn’t be more excited to finally bring them to the greater Portland area, “ says Keyla Carr. The South Portland location will serve up classics like the Frosty’s double chocolate, maple frosted and coconut cream donuts, as well as Frosty’s signature glazed twists. Frosty’s Donuts is located at 740 Broadway in South Portland and can be reached at 699- 4444.

Big Horizon Mortgage will evaluate your specific needs to find the mortage product that is right for you

Sharron Eastman, owner of Big Horizon Mortgage in Kennebunk has over 14 years experience in the mortgage and real estate investment markets. As a fully licensed Maine mortgage professional, her strategic insights have guided numerous customers through successful mortgage planning.

A recent reverse mortgage customer says, “If it weren’t for Big Horizon and the reverse mortgage I don’t know what I would have done. Sharron made me feel comfortable and the whole process was done in a timely manner. Sharron and her staff were extremely friendly and informative.”

Therearemanyelementstounderstanding which loan is right for you and Sharron will convey your choices in layman’s terms, making your options clear. As one customer has said, “Sharron and her employees have worked wonders with both our new mortgage and our refinance. Sharron is professional, organized, knowledgeable and very efficient. I would recommend her to every one.”

To find out more about a forward or reverse mortgage with historic low rates, please call 985-4505 or visit her online at: www.bighorizonmortage.com

Let Starbird Music “Put Music In Your Life Today!”

Starbird Music & Piano Gallery, is a locally owned family business with 60 years of experience, run today by Jill Starbird Clarke. Their mission is to provide a fun, friendly, and educational environment for the pursuit of all things musical.

Welcome to Starbird Music & Piano Gallery, serving Maine’s musical inspiration since 1951. Starbird is proud to present Maine’s largest piano gallery offering grands, uprights, digital and player pianos from the world’s number one instrument manufacturer, YAMAHA. Also featured in their gallery is a high quality line of digital pianos from ROLAND and a great representation of used pianos in varying styles and price points. Visit us today www.starbirdmusic.com.

Local Real Estate Woman Celebrating 10 Years of Business Ownership!

Kathyrn Townsend is the founder and owner of Townsend Real Estate and a licensed Realtor since 1991. After receiving a bachelors degree in psychology and a minor in marketing, she took her passion for working with people and art and developed a real estate/art gallery.

Kathyrn continually strives to raise the bar in looking for unique and “out of the box” ways to market her business. Her specialties include waterfront comunities, residential, investments, rentals and property management.

She was the past president of The Greater Portland Board of Realtors in 2009 with over 1,200 members and received the Realtor of The Year Award in 2010.

Kathryn invites the public to visit her location at 431 Preble St. in Willard Square, Monday through Saturday.

Watch for special art openings with wine and cheese and live music and craft shows for the holiday season in the local newspaper.

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