2018-08-10 / Community

Brick Store exhibition collects stories

The Brick Store Museum’s summer exhibition, 1968, has already captured many stories of visitors to the exhibition who are asked to share their experiences from the tumultuous year.

The exhibit focuses on the year’s events, many of which contributed to 1968 being called “the year that changed the world.” The exhibition is sponsored by the Captain Lord Mansion and will run through November.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to share experiences from the 1960s, to contribute to the knowledge of the mid-20th century collected at the museum. Music of the period fills the exhibition with familiar sounds as photos of local and national events help to inspire memory.

The purpose of the museum’s 1968 exhibition is not solely to be a history display, but to serve as an active collection point for recent history that is still very much alive. Sharing personal history at the museum will help future generations learn how people in the 1960s lived their lives. Topics covered in the exhibition include family life, Vietnam, protests and riots, civil rights, and the women’s movement. Those with stories to share, or interested in what others have shared, visit the exhibition before it closes in November.

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