2018-06-22 / Letters

Candidate appreciates support of voters

To the editor,

I’d like to thank the 990 residents who voted for me on June 12. I’d also like to congratulate Wayne Berry, Ed Karytko and Shiloh Schulte, who were elected to fill the three open seats on the Kennebunk board of selectmen.

It’s not an easy job and I have great respect for their willingness to take it on.

I ran for a seat on the board, in part, because I am frustrated that taxes in Kennebunk are so high and continue to rise. Neighboring towns manage to keep their taxes down.

At work, year after year, my team is asked to do more while spending less and we make it work, often by thinking outside the box.

The town of Kennebunk (officials and residents) seem to behave in the exact opposite manner, operating with what seems like a blank check signed by the residents. You want new roads? Approved. New sidewalk tractors and debris vacuums? Approved. And our taxes go up and up and up.

Heaven forbid this town would allow economic development in the name of legal retail marijuana.

Tax revenue from retail marijuana sales could be used to fund some of the initiatives currently funded by our property taxes. Instead, Kennebunk takes the moral high ground and in turn, ensures empty storefronts on Main Street stay unoccupied and property taxes continue to rise.

I am writing to ask the selectmen and residents of Kennebunk to take a hard look at the budget and hold this town to a higher standard.

The steady rise of our taxes must stop. I realize that is not an easy ask but it must be done or at this (tax) rate many of us will not be able to afford to live here much longer.

Michael Green

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