It appears some dog owners may be unclear on the concept of responsible use of beaches, as discovered April 6 by, from left, Kennebunk High School students Zach Hersom, Billy Gardner and Jes Hill, alternative education teacher Ed Sharood, student Cam Fenderson, Maine Game Warden Sgt. Tim Spahr and teacher Jacqui Holmes. According to Holmes, the students chose to conduct a clean-up of Parsons Beach as part of their study on ocean health, which required them to connect their learning and research to a community action. And that action was an eye-opener. “In less than an hour and within 200 feet of the Parsons Beach main entrance, we filled two commercial sized trash bags with trash,” Holmes said. “In addition, we filled three plastic grocery bags with over 100 dog poop bags. There was so much trash.” According to Holmes, the dog-walkers had gone halfway by scooping the poop off the beach, but then simply tossed the baggies into the sand dunes, rather than taking them away for proper disposal. (Courtesy photo) 1p1.jpg