2018-01-19 / Letters

I hear the train a comin,’ it’s rollin’ ‘round the bend

To the editor:

Hear that train whistle blowin’? But will it stop to pick up and drop off passengers in Kennebunk before 2019 at a Kennebunk passenger station? If you are among the many who want the town to complete this project, you’ll need to remind your selectmen and town manager how important it is, right away.

Our officials want to hear from you by phone or email at selectmen@kennebunkmaine.us and the town manager, Mike Pardue at 985-2102 and mpardue@kennebunkmaine.us. You are also welcome to come show and express your support at the Jan. 23 selectmen’s meeting at 6 p.m.

In 2014, we voters approved a $300,000 bond, which is being matched with $800,000 of committed state funds to design, permit and build a seasonal passenger platform in the center of Kennebunk.

Last month, the selectmen nearly killed the station, but at the last minute they requested a proper business plan be presented to them at their next regular meeting. They turned to Jim Black, economic development director, supported by Chris Osterrieder, community development director and Bob Georgitis, chairman of economic development committee.

The good news is that there is plenty of money now designated for the project to build an economical, basic train station platform with options to expand service, parking or amenities, as the demand, economic growth or political will grows.

The project will allow us to begin to create a future Kennebunk where tourists can enjoy our community free from cars, where residents can easily take trains to Portland and Boston and points in between, and where new and innovative businesses will wish to locate, bringing jobs and opportunities for all.

Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn

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