At a Monday, Nov. 13, meeting of the Arundel Board of Selectmen, Arundel Conservation Trust (ACT) board members Linda Zuke (pointing) draws the attention of board Chairman Thomas Danylik (left) to a spot on a map of a 48-acre parcel owned Steve and Margo Emerson, due to be acquired by the town at a Nov. 30 closing, as they work out how much will be retained by the town and how much will go to ACT. Flanking Zuke are, from left, Selectman Velma Hayes, ACT board members Dorothy Gregoire and Leia Lowery, and Town Clerk Simone Boissonneault. It was agreed the town will take the 10 acres closest to Limerick Road and abutting the property of Thomas Kezar while ACT will obtain the rest as the first acquisition of the newly-formed group, which currently operates under the auspices of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust. (Duke Harrington photo) 2p1.jpg