2017-04-28 / Letters

Support from community has ‘made a difference’

To the editor:

I want to thank you for your newspaper’s thorough coverage of my concerns about balloon litter and the risks to marine and wildlife when balloons are released.

Showing the balloon from New York City that traveled intact in the environment for almost a full year to land on Gooch’s Beach demonstrates the myth of a biodegradable balloon. There is no such thing.

The question people should ask when they hear biodegradable is: How long does it take to biodegrade and what harm does it do before it does?

Only one study, funded by the $1 billion balloon industry, was done to float the balloon biodegradability myth that most people believe today. That’s not science. It’s marketing.

Fast food packaging biodegrades eventually, but we don’t toss it out car windows. I apply the same reasoning to balloon releases; only a balloon does more harm than a paper wrapper.

I want to thank the selectmen, Downtown Committee and the people of the Kennebunk region for listening to my concerns and taking me seriously.

It is a great gift to the young people here for the town leaders and neighbors to hear what we have to say. There is no better way to empower someone like me to contribute to my community than acknowledging I have a voice in it.

The validation and support I’ve received from my community for my marine life project has kept it going for 11 years now. We have all made a difference.

Thank you.

Willy Jones

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