Rebuilt in 1980-81, the Twine Mill dam, seen on Friday, April 7, is the youngest of three dams on the Mousam River now owned by Kennebunk Light and Power District. The Dane Perkins dam also was rebuilt in 1980, although its power generating equipment dates to 1936. The Kesslen dam in downtown Kennebunk, meanwhile, was converted from wood to concrete in 1951, with its generators dating to the 1920s. On March 29, KLP trustees filed a notice of intent with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission stating that it does not wish to seek new power generating licenses for the dams once the current federal permission expires in 2022. What that expected filing means for the future of the dams, the river, and the town, has been a hotly debated topic for several years and promises to remain at the forefront of public discussion for several more. (Dan King photos) 2p1.jpg