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Recognizing that dentistry can be

stressful for some, Dr. Creisher’s offi ce is

inspired by the relaxing, healing feeling

of the beach. “You can walk in, take a

deep breath and feel safe and relaxed,”

she said.

Dr. Creisher herself tends to do very

well with patients who experience high

levels of anxiety.

The key to that, she said, is a lot of

communication and education. “I also

try to focus on preventative services,

to prevent problems before they start, “

she said, which gives patients peace of


A recent graduate of the University of

New England’s College of Dental Med-icine,


Dr. Creisher is no stranger to the

fi eld. Her father’s dental practice, York

County Pediatric Dentistry, is right next-door


at Webhannet Place in Kennebunk.

Dr. Creisher benefi ts from having

worked with her father for years and his

current mentorship as she builds her

own practice, which, so far, has been enthusiastically

embraced by the community.

“People have been so kind and I’ve found that I’ve been

able to connect with so many in a meaningful way,” she

said, adding that an increased number of referrals has

prompted Dr. Creisher and staff to open an extra day each


Dr. Creisher offers crowns, bridges, dentures, fi llings, ex-tractions


and root canals, and also offers cosmetic proce-dures


that bring patients a confi dence unlike any other.

Porcelain and composite veneers are popular among Dr.

Creisher’s patients, as is whitening and tissue augmenta-tion,


in which she uses a laser to shape the tissue around a

person’s teeth to make it align.

Dr. Creisher can also quite literally, make your smile

sparkle with the addition of a small diamond on the surface

of your tooth.“It’s not invasive and it doesn’t do damage

to your tooth. You can wear for a special event or just the

weekend, or you can wear it for the entire year if you’d

like,” said Dr. Creisher, who sports a diamond on an upper

eyetooth. “It’s a fun thing,” she said. “I’ve developed a

niche here in cosmetic dentistry. It offers people more

Dr. Rachael Creisher Family Dentistry is unlike any

dentist’s offi ce that you’ve experienced before

confi dence whether for their jobs or

social worlds. They just want to feel

a little better about themselves and it

makes me happy to make their smiles


Dr. Creisher’s gentle personality puts

patients at ease and her education,

she said, couldn’t have been more

cutting edge. The doctor and her staff

participate in continuing education and

are constantly evaluating research so

that they’re able to give the best care

possible with the most up-to-date

research-backed care.

For t hose patients who experience

heightened anxiety during dental visits,

nitrous oxide sedation can be used for

nearly any procedure.

To learn more about Dr. Creisher, visit

www.rachaelcreisherdmd.com, call

502-7804 or email rachaelcreisherd-md@


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