2016-12-02 / Letters

Moving forward after Mousam vote?

To the editor:

So how do we move forward?

I voted and the ballot wasn’t even marked nonbinding, so I have to move on.

This is where we stand today: We have a study by Wright-Pierce (W-P) that had four alternatives, all costly.

The KLPD trustees voted to issue a notice of Intent (NOI) to cease generating electricity. The trustees based this on the W-P alternative No. 4 reviewed by GZA indicated the cost was $3,421,722 to cease operation and surrender the federal energy regulatory commission (FERC) license. KLPD with a developer want to generate solar clean energy.

Kennebunk voters want to save the dams. Alternative No. 5 from a hydropower company has submitted a proposal to Kennebunk to operate the three dams at a cost of $1,500,000 to make them profitable.

So how do we move forward?

KLPD gives up the dams to the town of Kennebunk. KLPD with a developer invests in solar energy. The town of Kennebunk with the hydropower company produces hydroelectric energy. The town of Kennebunk issues a Notice of Intent to FERC.

This is a win-win for KLPD who want to become a distributer with clean energy and the town of Kennebunk that want to save the dams and produce hydropower as a revenue to maintain history, beauty and a recreational corridor.

Albert Kolff

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