2016-09-30 / Letters

Is current skatepark safe for users?

To the editor:

Is Factory Pasture skateboard park safe? For the past 30-plus years directly across the street from the current park is an outdoor storage area for 45-50 new telephone poles covered with Penta(Dioxin), which creates a plume of highly toxic carcinogens and brings anyone nearby into close daily contact with Dioxin.

Dioxin-laden soil (leeching effect) gets blown into the air as dust that people get on their shoes and track home. The Environmental Protection Agency has stated that there is no safe level of exposure to Dioxin.

We are not implying that the telephone poles shouldn’t be stored on Factory Pasture Road, but to have ever placed and to continue to use the skateboard park near known carcinogens could be considered negligence.

Paul and Karen Beaudoin

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