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What’s next, Prozac in the water supply?

To the editor:

Thank you for your coverage of Kennebunk Kennebunkport Wells Water District and citizens’ petition against adding fluoride to the area water supply. I want the fluoride out, too.

I attended the informational forum on Aug. 12 and came away disturbed by the misleading information provided by dental professionals. I’ve had this experience in dental offices as well. The information being given to people by the dental community is just not reasoned or factual.

The water district does not filter out natural fluoride that needs to be replaced by hydrofluosilicic acid, a byproduct of a scrubber on an industry smokestack. I think the district is clear on that through its website.

Supplementing orange juice with calcium is not the same as mandating a prescription medication like fluoride (hydrofluosilicic acid) in the public water supply.

First off, to stay alive, I don’t need fluoride in my body like I need calcium. I don’t need to drink orange juice to stay alive like I need to drink water. I can get calcium in other ways of my choice.

I don’t need to drink orange juice at all. I can drink apple juice. I can buy premade orange juice or squeeze it myself. I can buy pulp in orange juice. I can buy concentrated or non-concentrated. I can buy organic orange juice. I can choose a carton or plastic. I can buy non-calcium orange juice. The grocer does not decide for me. I am a free person with a choice.

The only choice I have now is to pay two water bills (bottled and public) and buy very expensive filters if I don’t want my family and pets to drink hydrofluosilicic acid. Who even knows if these filters work?

My water bill charges me for the chemical and the machines to deliver it (in violation of the Clean Water Act) and then I have to pay again to remove it or buy all new water? Come on.

Meanwhile we shower in hydrofluosilicic acid, cook with it, use it to water gardens and lawns and dump it into area streams and rivers through our sewage.

Information about the 20,000 pounds annually of hydrofluosilicic acid dumped in our water supply says, “Do not heat.” Who out there can tell me the properties of hydrofluosilicic acid in my cup of herbal tea? In my pasta? In my soup?

Your Aug. 12, 2016 issue also had a disturbing story about a man denied his right to decide for himself on a visit to an ER after a fall. Apparently he ended up in handcuffs, with broken bones only after police broke down his door, tackled him and put him under armed guard in the hospital for expressing that right.

In that case the police decided for the man they knew better than him and his doctor.

In the case of fluoride, dentists are deciding they know better than us and our doctors what we should ingest into our bodies despite our objections.

Both the police and dentists have overstepped their bounds. And for that, people suffer serious consequences.

If fluoride needs a prescription it should not be in the water supply. Period. Let those who want fluoride get a prescription that can be accurately dosed. Otherwise by drinking lots of water as recommended, we overdose on fluoride. By drinking craft beer or fountain soda or lemonade from a child’s sidewalk stand, we get overdosed.

Maybe soon psychiatrists can decide we’re not happy enough and put Prozac in our water supply. Or cardiologists can decide we eat too much junk food and we get statin drugs in our tap water.

Where will it end?

I suggest the dental professionals put their efforts behind an educational campaign encouraging people to brush their teeth instead of deciding we’re all too dense to learn and need them to drug us with smokestack scrubber residue.

We started fluoridating water back when we thought breathing in asbestos was fine. It’s time for the dental community to catch up with modern science on this issue. It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s real and like the water district says, it must end.

Vote no this November – you get a vote even if you have a private well.

Pam Jones

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