2012-05-25 / Letters

Trash being thrown out on Old Port Road

To the editor:

I walk on Old Port Road in Kennebunk every day and have noticed a terrible amount of trash being dumped alongside the road. I am asking that our neighbors who travel this road to please stop littering.

Among the trash are used baby diapers, alcohol bottles, beer cans, household trash, fast food wrappings and beverage bottles of all types lining the roadside.

What is normally a tranquil and beautiful bit of forest is now a garbage dump. With the rain some will now work its way into the river and eventually into the ocean. What a shame. What a disgrace.

I have to ask why anyone would throw their trash from their vehicle into this beautiful place?

Would you please give this road and your neighbors some consideration and dispose of your trash in a legitimate and sanitary manner?

Tim Kash Kennebunk

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