Gabriela Rodriguez, director of West Kennebunk-based BlixxHorses, ponies Lexxie and Fritz — with head bowed of its own accord as a signal to Lexxie to pick up the pace — along Gooch’s Beach earlier this year. BlixxHorses, whose motto is “people helping horses help people,” offers exposure to horses via hand-walking and ponying, in which one horse matches the pace alongside without a rider, to help people de-stress, and to introduce new philosophies and equipment that are in the best interest of the horse. At 16, Lexxie has never been ridden, Rodriguez says. “Since 2006, thousands of people have enjoyed, met, touched, and learned a little about horses in a single encounter from these walks, changing their perception about horses. During the summer months, horses are not allowed on local beaches, but access is provided in other areas of town. (Donna M. Kabay/Phosart Photography courtesy photo) 1p1.jpg