2016-02-19 / Community

“A Maine Bridge to Home” Offers Respite for Patients and Families

As you recover from an illness or rehabilitation, consider our respite program, “A Maine Bridge to Home.” To help ensure the best possible outcome and a timely recovery, we at Kindred Assisted Living -Village Crossings have created a full service short-term post-surgical respite program at a very affordable daily rate. We have found that when a person is discharged from the hospital it can sometimes be a fearful and disorienting journey. Family members and/or friends suddenly become caregivers, which can be overwhelming while trying to balance their own daily lives.

Our Maine Bridge to Home program is designed to assist residents as well as their caregivers. Our licensed nurses and direct care staff members are ready around the clock to work in conjunction with your physician to deliver the care needed for recovery. Through this team we support therapy services covered under Medicare “B” and/or private insurance, as well as nursing services under Medicare “A” if qualified. The overall goal is to support the resident’s healing process and their journey to independence. Also available at our community is our Congestive Heart Failure program. This program is designed to help residents live an active and productive life while their care is managed by our registered nurses. Through this program we have virtually eliminated the revolving door of going back and forth to the hospital and this is all done through a partnership with the residents’ personal physician. We educate the residents and their families to understand the congestive heart failure diagnosis and how we can assist in attaining the goal of an active lifestyle once more.

At Kindred Assisted Living-Village Crossings we offer assistance with daily living needs, medication administration and on-site nursing supervision if needed. Special dietary requirements, mobility goals and therapies can be monitored daily. While recovering in our community, you reside in a furnished studio apartment with a handicapped-accessible private bathroom including an emergency call bell system. You may choose to include room services from our fabulous Marsh View Restaurant or enjoy a relaxing dining experience created by our onsite chefs. Our amenities include twenty-four hour care and community companionship to assist in minimizing the possibility of a readmission to a hospital and to enhance your journey back home. So if you find you need a place to gain strength while recovering, try our Maine Bridge to Home program, and let us help you create a successful healing journey.

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