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MDOT announces roadwork schedule

The Maine Department of Transportation recently released its scheduled work plan through 2017.

Planned projects include $6.1 million worth of work in Arundel, $7.9 million in Kennebunk, and $3.24 million in Kennebunkport. Those totals include bridge construction that MDOT includes in run-downs for both municipalities.

The sole 2015 project in Arundel is $746,000 for safety and spot improvements on Arundel Road at the intersection with Hill Road. Work slated for 2016 and 2017 includes $2.3 million to rebuild the Bartlett Bridge on Route 1 over the Kennebunk River at the Kennebunk/Arundel town line; safety and spot improvements on Route 111, extending west 0.58 miles from Old Alfred Road (at a cost of $2 million); Route 111 at the intersection of New Road and Old Alfred Road ($835,000); and 1 mile on Route 111 between Route 35 and Thompson Road ($200,000).

Kennebunk projects for 2015 include $820,000 to rebuild the Pumping Station Bridge on Route 1 over Branch Brook at the Kennebunk/Wells town line. Also, in partnership with the town, $357,200 has been earmarked to rehabilitate 0.21 miles of Route 9 running north from York Street, as well as the Route 9/Sea Road intersection.

Projects for 2016-17 include replacement of the Bartlett Bridge at the Arundel line, as well as $2.7 million to rebuild the Matthew J. Lanigan Bridge on Route 9 over the Kennebunk River at the Kennebunk/Kennebunkport town line; highway preservation paving on 2.76 miles of Route 9, from Route 1 in Wells (at a cost of $663,000); safety improvements at the intersections of Route 1 and Laudholm Farm Road ($80,000); and $1 million for construction of a Kennebunk platform for the Downeaster AMTRAK train.

MDOT has nothing on tap for Kennebunkport this year. Projects for 2016-17 include the Lanigan Bridge rebuild and $550,000 to replace and expand Government Wharf Pier.

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