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Post seeks Great Person nominations

It’s time to submit nominations for the Post’s Great Person Award. Each year, readers choose one person they think has made our communities a special place to live.

There are no qualifications for the Great Person Award – it’s simply to honor those who make their community better.

The award is meant to be a thank you for all they do during the year. The winner will be interviewed for a story in the Kennebunk Post.

There are two steps in the Great Person Award process – nominations and then voting.

Nominations will be accepted through noon, Monday, Dec. 15. A ballot of everyone nominated will be printed in the Dec. 19 edition.

Voting will end at noon, Friday, Jan. 2 and the winner will be announced in the following weeks.

How can you nominate a Great Person? It’s simple:

 You may nominate a person by using this ballot and mailing it to Mainely Media LLC, 1 York St., Biddeford, ME 04005.

We need to know the address and phone number of each nominee and we need to know your contact information in case we have questions (this information will not be printed). Feel free to attach a longer explanation about why you nominated a Great Person.

 You may nominate a person electronically by emailing it to editor@kennebunkpost.com or faxing it to 282-4339.

 We also are happy to accept nominations dropped off at our office, 1 York St. in Biddeford.

The nominees through Dec. 8:

 Joyce Butler nominates Steven Spofford. “For Steven’s many years (and ongoing) support of the mission of Kennebunk’s Brick Store Museum and Kennebunkport’s South Congregational Church.”

 Mark Sutton nominates Maureen King. “For as long as I can remember, Maureen has served tirelessly on the SAD 71 and RSU 21 school board. She’s made a big difference.”

 Preston Edmands nominates Ben Vernon and Allyson Strout for the Post’s Great Person of the Year award. “They come as a package, so I can’t nominate one without the other. You’ve likely gotten a lot of email nominations for these two, because as a couple, they run the greatest thing to happen to community fitness in Kennebunk for as long as I can remember. For the last few years Ben and Allyson have been fostering a healthy, happy bunch of people through their Crossfit KGB gym on Water Street.

When I came across the article in this week’s Post, the people of my local crossfit box immediately came to mind. Even on a snowy winter day, I know I can trek down to Water Street and improve myself, with wholehearted support from a diverse and tight-knit group of people. And I’ve come to know a good many of those people - through parties, competitions, 5Ks, cookouts, etc.

Ben and Allyson also organize fundraisers for members in need, one of many ways they show their constant support for any and everyone who walks through their doors. Their classes are more than affordable, are made accessible by friendly staff, and are always exhilarating.”

Helen Sargent nominates Linda Johnson for the Great Person Award. “Linda has served diligently on the Kennebunk Downtown Committee for many years and for the past several as chairman.

Downtown Kennebunk has undergone a myriad of positive changes over the years that Linda has been involved. These include new retail stores, muchneeded trash containers, new trees, brick sidewalks, farmers market, beautification of curbsides, annual tree lighting festivities, Chamber of Commerce presence on Water Street, the new Waterhouse Center featuring ice skating and many more.

All these improvements have been supported by the Downtown Kennebunk Committee under the direction of Linda Johnson and members of her committee.

Congratulations to Linda Johnson for a job well done, and much appreciated.”

 Richard Day nominates Robert Convery.

“I nominate Bob because since the loss of his wife some 10 years ago, Bob has rededicated his life to serving his community, his friends and his family. This 78-year-old man spends his time helping others in so many ways it is impossible to detail all of it, but here is a brief summary.

Bob monitors and cares for a dozen houses in his neighborhood for absentee owners. Bob takes in the trash containers for numerous neighbors in his area who are unable to do it. Bob volunteers many hours to his church each week and Sunday in service to others. He cooks meals for the indigent and takes food bought by himself to residents of assisted living and nursing homes. He volunteers with the Kennbunkport Fire Department, assisting in many ways, including carrying drinking water for firefighters at working fires. He assists the town Emergency Response Team and volunteers to clean the fire station. He buys and puts up American flags on his neighborhood streets for Independence Day and Flag Day. Bob is a member of and a volunteer for the historical society doing research and helping publish valuable historical articles. Knowing that my house budget is devoted to helping grandkids in college, Bob delivers his Wall Street Journal to me every day because he knows I love to read it.

Bob does so much more than described above and he is known and beloved by a great many people in this area. A humble selfless citizen who always is thinking of others, I am pleased and honored to submit his name as 2014 Great Person.”

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