2014-11-28 / Letters

Grist mill noise complaints don’t add up

To the editor:

I watched with puzzlement over the objections to a school program emphasizing the history of Kennebunkport’s grist mill. The objections of this minority group seem to center around the noise level generated by this program. Just a reminder: The decibel scale is a logarithmic scale and must be reviewed with this in mind. Also decibels at origin differ from decibels measured distances away (also logarithmic considerations).

If this minority group objects to the activities of the mill, then their objections should, logically, extend to other noise-generating activities such as snow blowing, leaf blowing, lawn mowing, repair construction using power tools, slamming of car doors, supply trucks on North Street, all of which can reach decibel levels far above those of the few times the grinding demonstrations at the mill would generate. One person even objected to the laughter of children on a field trip to the grist mill.

Where will it stop? Will we have ordinances preventing these same people from using power equipment to care for their own properties? These objections make no sense. Maybe it is time to institute an ordinance banning all noisy traffic on North Street, all use of snow, lawn, leaf removal unless done by hand.

It certainly would support their objections to loud noises in the area if, indeed, it is the noise level that is the source of their objections.

Dr. Eleanor Saboski

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