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Dr. Ellie’s Health Tip of the Month: ‘Tis the Season…..to Stay Healthy!

The holiday season is well upon us and is fraught with all sorts of stressors: Physical (how we move), Chemical (what we put into our body) and Emotional (how we think and feel). Now, more than ever, we need to be mindful of reducing stress so that we remain healthy through the holidays. Here are a few tips I’ve shared with my practice members:

Physical Stress—How We Use Our Body:
• Balance your packages on both sides of your body
while shopping
• Wrap gifts in short shifts—dont’ make an all nighter
out of it!
• Make sure to get enough sleep!
• Get up and stretch while doing ‘on-line’ shopping
• Keep up with your exercise program
• When shoveling, try switching sides; take breaks

Chemical Stress—What we Put in Our Bodies:
• Everything in Moderation!
• Plan ahead; decide how much you’ll eat and drink
in advance

• Pace your eating; take time to enjoy the taste
of the food
• Fill up on the healthier foods and treat yourself to
tastes of the richer foods

Emotional Stress—How we Think:
• Take the high road—don’t let family ‘push
your buttons’
• Is there really a ‘perfect’ gift. Trust your instincts.
• Spend within your means—avoid post holiday
credit card bills
• Make sure to communicate with people – most
of us don’t read minds

Finally, if you’re under regular Chiropractic care, make sure to stay on your care schedule during the holidays as regular adjustments help reduce the stress your body is under. If you aren’t under care yet, make an appointment today to get checked and see how Chiropractic can help you stay healthy during the holiday season and beyond.

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