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Maine House of Representatives – District 10

Election 2018

Meet the candidates

With Republican incumbent Wayne Perry termed out after eight years, the race for District 10 in the Maine House of Representatives is wide-open.

Vying for the seat, which serves Arundel, Dayton and part of Lyman, are retired school teacher Henry Ingwersen, campaigning for the Democrats, and local small business owner Jim Booth, taking up the standard for Republicans.

Surveys were emailed to both candidates are are printed below in alphabetical order.

Name: Jim Booth
Age: 54
Address: [not provided]
Phone: 590-4701
Occupation: Small business owner
since 1984.
Family: Two daughters, Janice and

Education completed: Two years at University of Southern Maine. Graduated from Thornton Academy, 1983.

Organizations and activities (including past political experience): [none listed]

Top 3 issues:

1. Make Maine more business friendly. Between the red tape and the cost of locating a business in Maine its no wonder we attract any businesses at all?

We must slash red tape and re-structure our tax laws to look more like our neighbor New Hampshire. And elect more people to Augusta that have actually run a business, we know what has to be done. By attracting more businesses in Maine, then we would not have to rely on the over burden property tax owner as much.

2 .Health care/vital services. We absolutely have to take care of our most vulnerable citizens period. But people that can work should not get a free ride.

We have people on waiting list for nursing homes and special needs citizen that are not receiving adequate services just so some lay about and foreigners can drain the money. Because they don’t feel like working.

Top priority of mine will be to make sure the people that, for whatever reason can not take care of themselves, that the state will be there. Priorities are people that are hurting will be taken care of. People that are fine, get to work.

3. Making sure that Arundel, Dayton and Lyman receive the utmost attention from me. I would like to be put on the transportation committee to continue the great work of Rep. Wayne Parry. To make sure that our towns receive all we can in revenue sharing from the state to take some of the burden of local property taxes.

Be a vocal advocate for our three towns so state government will help Arundel, Dayton and Lyman and not be a burden.

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

As District 10 next state representative, I have found over the years that you really can help people. When my youngest daughter was in seventh grade in the Biddeford school system they cut her program without any notice to the parents.

I wanted her to go to Kennebunk High School because of the great special needs program that they have. However, Arundel had a contract with Thornton and Biddeford would not sign off on her to go to Kennebunk. I was in a tough spot and did not know what to do.

I contacted Rep. Wayne Parry and he got the ball rolling getting me in touch with the lady that was the head of Special needs for the state of Maine. She got Biddeford to sign off on my daughter so she could go to Kennebunk.

Our children should not be just a number or a dollar amount to some school systems, we are talking real kids here. This year she will be graduating from Kennebunk High School, that is the difference I want to make and can make as Arundel, Dayton and Lyman’s next State Rep.

Name: Henry Ingwersen
Age: 67
Address: 46 Ginger Hill Lane,
Phone: 251-6278
Occupation: Retired public 

school teacher, 21 years experience, Wells-Ogunquit Community School District; Beekeeper with partner Christine Ingwersen, Ginger Hill Bees.

Family: Wife Christine, 3 Daughters - Annie, Mariah, Patty, 4 Grandchildren - Mina, Henry, Bell, Whitty, Noa.

Education completed: BA education, Goddard College; MA educational leadership, University of Southern Maine.

Organizations and activities (including past political experience): Executive committee, Kennebunk/Kennebunkport/ Arundel Democrats; Maine Education Association; Maine STEM Partnership; Advisory board; Arundel Conservation Trust.

Top three issues:

1. Affordable Health Care — The first step I believe Maine should take towards more affordable health care for all of its citizens is to immediately expand Medicaid consistent with the Affordable Care Act.

Maine has rejected billions of federal dollars so far. The governors of 31 other states have taken advantage of Medicaid expansion, and it is now evidently clear that those states that have expanded Medicaid have seen lower health care costs, healthier hospital systems, and improved economic growth.

Medicaid expansion will give 70,000 Maine children and adults access to health insurance, which would include preventive care and regular doctor visits. Medicaid expansion will help keep Maine hospitals in better shape financially, which is why the Maine Hospital Association supports Medicaid expansion.

Finally, Medicaid expansion will strengthen Maine’s economy by creating an estimated 6,000 new jobs and bringing $500 million of federal funding per year into Maine.

As a Maine state representative concerned about affordable health care, I would support policies that: Protect coverage for those with pre-existing conditions, fully fund the drugs for the elderly program, provide greater access to preventive care services, ensure price transparency so Mainers can make informed decisions about their health care.

2. Economy for Maine’s future: Good jobs and supporting local agriculture — In August, the Maine Department of Labor predicted zero job growth for our state. This is unacceptable.

To help create a better jobs future for Maine I would: Support a single, easy-to-navigate program that will help new Maine businesses access financing and train workers; support a loan program for Maine small businesses to help them finance the addition of new employees; promote clean, renewable energy technologies such as rooftop solar and offshore wind – this will bring better jobs to Maine and help stop climate change; promote affordable statewide access to broadband and cellular technology.

District 10 –Dayton, Arundel and part of Lyman – has a unique agricultural heritage that needs to be supported and re-invigorated.

As a state legislator I would strongly advocate for our local agricultural economy by: Supporting programs such as the Maine Farms for the Future program, Land for Maine’s Future and UMaine Cooperative Extension; Supporting agri-tourism; and Working with fellow lawmakers to help find new markets for agricultural products.

3. Education — As a classroom teacher in Maine schools for over 25 years, I understand that getting a good start in life should be available for every child in Maine, regardless of where they live. Equal access to a good education is vital to Maine’s economy.

The Maine Legislature has consistently failed to meet its legal obligation to fund 55 percent of local educational costs for Maine’s schools.

From 2008-09 to 2015-16, the state has underfunded this obligation by almost $1.2 billion, shifting the costs instead to you, the taxpayer. When I get to Augusta I will work hard to ensure that the will of the voters is followed by supporting a fair school funding formula.

Education and jobs are interconnected, and improving our educational institutions is key to keeping our young folks in Maine to work and live. For this we need the following approaches: Workforce training – increase scholarship opportunities for training in high-demand fields like health care, building trades and precision manufacturing; Community and technical colleges – continue to align programs with the demands of employers so students learn the skills they need for the jobs here in Maine; Colleges and universities – Reduce the cost of earning a 4 year college degree by providing student debt-relief for graduates who stay in Maine.

In your own words, why are you seeking elected office?

Now more than ever what is most needed in Augusta is respectful leadership. Throughout my life I have always been guided by a common set of values, stressing the importance of listening, teamwork, perseverance, equal opportunity, and environmental responsibility. These values have guided me every day as a teacher, father and grandfather, and are the values that will also guide every vote I make in Augusta.

My many years of experience in educational leadership have taught me that good leaders are crucial. Good leaders listen well, respect others’ viewpoints, and work cooperatively with others to build positive change.

As your District 10 leader and state representative I will: Listen to the concerns of each of my constituents, respect the various viewpoints of constituents and fellow legislators and work cooperatively with fellow legislators to build positive change for our district.

I will work hard on the issues that are important to the people of my district: Supporting seniors by reducing the property tax burden so they can stay in their homes; making health care more affordable and available; creating good jobs by making responsible investments in our small businesses, people and natural resources; improving educational quality and access; encouraging the development of clean, renewable energy.

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