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To the editor,

There is persuasive and gruesome evidence that a Saudi team was dispatched to Istanbul to interrogate, torture and murder Jamal Khashoggi, a resident of the the United States. “We don’t like it,” said Trump, but added that relations with Saudi Arabia are “excellent” and business will be conducted as usual.

Trump has emphasized that whatever the outcome of the inquiry into the disappearance of Mr. Khashoggi, the United States will not forgo the lucrative arms deal with Saudia Arabia. There is just too much money at stake.

This much is clear: Trump’s response tells dictators that if the price is right they can get away with murder.

Joanne Hulsey

To the editor,

The midterm election on Nov. 6 brings an important opportunity to end the gridlock in our state government and provide every Mainer with affordable, quality healthcare. Our District 9 state representative, Stedman Seavey, is not on the ballot this year and our votes will go to Diane Denk.

We’ve seen Diane in action in a variety of community leadership roles, and know she will be a responsive and responsible legislator. Whether she’s serving on the board of the senior center, volunteering with hospice, chairing a meeting, collecting food for local shelters – or even organizing an impromptu memorial for Barbara Bush with fellow dog lovers on Gooch’s Beach – her enthusiasm and ability to bring people together get things done.

Her personal connection with the homebound students she teaches has also impressed us. She’s a compassionate listener and a dedicated lifelong learner – traits we think all elected officials should have.

As a teacher and former businesswoman, Diane is especially interested in supporting an education system that provides students with solid skills needed to keep them at Maine-based businesses after graduating. She’s spoken often about running into parents of former students and hearing their children have had to leave the state to find decent jobs. She wants to change that.

Diane lost her husband recently so she understands all too well the struggles facing seniors, including access to adequate and affordable housing, transportation, healthcare and drugs.

Our communities deserve a representative who will work hard every day to listen, make tough decisions and put the needs of our families, businesses, and environment front and center. We deserve a proven leader like Diane Denk.

Jon and Connie Dykstra

To the editor,

Vote for Diane Denk for state representative in District 9 (Kennebunkport and parts of Kennebunk and Biddeford).

The race is open this November. Former incumbent Steadman Seavey withdrew after the primaries.

I met Diane at a neighborhood meeting this spring. I am impressed with her values, energy and dedication. She has been a businesswoman and an educator. She has a deep understanding of challenges faced by senior citizens, and how to address them. Diane will put the interests of Maine communities above partisan politics in Augusta.

Our votes are important. Only a few dozen votes separated the candidates for this seat in 2016.

I’ll be voting for Diane Denk on Tuesday, Nov. 6 and I hope you do too.

Doug McCrae,

To the editor,

I have known Henry Ingwersen as a fellow teacher and friend for 22 years. Henry is smart, practical and deeply committed to issues involving the environment, education, jobs and health care. I have seen him tackle difficult problems with an organized determination to find the right solutions. I am sure that Henry will bring those same qualities to solving problems for the folks in his House District 10.

Recently, I have been canvassing with Henry in Dayton, Arundel and Lyman and am amazed that his energy never wavers. He is on a mission to shake every person’s hand and hear their concerns. Henry listens with an open mind to varying points of view from his local voters. I know Henry can be trusted to initiate and follow through on his promises.

Henry has proven to be an outstanding educator and friend. I have no doubt Henry will work hard as a State Representative in Augusta.

Send Henry Ingwersen to Augusta. Shout it out.

Jane Keane

To the editor,

A few days back I learned a local teenager attempted suicide. She had been bullied, but she didn’t tell anyone. No one will learn of this almost-catastrophe now either, because she is underage.

Our newspapers print bitter letters from what appears to be a community negatively and starkly divided.

My propane supplier charged me 50 cents more per gallon this week than the last time he came.

Environmentalists say give up meat. Doctors say go light on farm-raised fish. Our pricey lobsters are crawling north along with the cost of clams. And, I wonder, are the fish we eat from the sea free of pollutants?

I hear about red tide, dead deer and dead seals on the beach where I swim.

My CPA could barely see me. He is working way too many hours because he can’t find people to hire.

The United Nations says we only have 20 years to save our families, friends and neighbors from extinction.

And now, our tourist dollars will be less next year. Some vacationers say they won’t visit because Susan Collins voted to confirm Judge Kavanaugh.

I want to change the direction Maine is heading. If you wish to change things too, you can help with your vote.

So much depends on our voting. Please, everyone in Maine who works, who parents, who studies, who is retired, vote on Nov. 6. Show Maine you want to give shape to its life’s qualities. Show Maine you care about its healthcare for everyone. Show Maine you care about its education, student debt and good jobs.

Vote on Nov. 6.

Helen Rivas-Rose

To the editor,

Earlier this month, on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the horrific Las Vegas music festival shooting that killed 58 people and injured 900 more, I attended a Maine gubernatorial event at York High School featuring candidates Janet Mills, Terry Hayes and Alan Caron. Candidates were on the stage with six well-prepared high school students, who asked great questions on a variety of topics, all relevant to Mainers and their quality of life.

Of the first three questions asked by students, two were about the candidates’ views on reducing gun violence in our state. Maine and New Hampshire both lag behind Connecticut, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey in legislation that protects students (and all of us) from gun violence.

A 2016 attempt by the Maine State Legislature to extend background checks to all gun sales (not just those taking place at a licensed gun dealer) failed. A 2018 attempt to create Red Flag Bill or Extreme Risk Protection Order, also failed. Governor LePage has shown no leadership on this issue. Thankfully, we have three gubernatorial candidates whom appear to favor stronger gun violence prevention measures.

Our students are on the forefront of nationwide recognition that we need to do more to stop the epidemic of gun violence. They are living with the fear that despite drills, resource officers and enhanced school security that someone who simply should not have access to a gun in the first place will wreak unspeakable carnage in their community. No wonder the students at York High School wanted to know how our next governor will reduce this threat.

It was notable that Shawn Moody, the fourth gubernatorial candidate, did not attend the event. Mr. Moody has no legislative experience and has gone on record as stating he doesn’t believe we need to make any changes to Maine’s gun laws. In fact, he stated that students faced with a shooter should simply use school fire extinguishers to fend off the shooter. There is simply too much at stake to risk the election of Shawn Moody.

I want to thank Ms. Mills, Ms. Hayes and Mr. Caron for their thoughtful answers to questions at the event, and, most importantly, for showing up. It is incumbent that our next governor takes the lead on ensuring Maine never joins the ranks of Las Vegas, Sandy Hook, Sutherland, Orlando and so many other places where people thought it will never happen here.

Kathleen McFadden, volunteer chapter leader
Maine Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in

To the editor,

This past week my son and I, wanting to spend time among the beautiful fall colors, went for a walk in Hope Woods. On our gorgeous walk we ran into a couple of people working on maintaining the trails, protecting them from erosion and making elevated foot paths over wet areas. We are so fortunate to have Hope Woods right in the middle of our town. We are equally fortunate to have many volunteers in town who work to make it so accessible to us.

Let’s vote to protect Hope Woods. It’s something that benefits us all now and will benefit those in the future.

Jacqueline Peters

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