2018-10-05 / Letters

Candidate would protect Maine’s resources

To the editor,

It was recently announced that Stedman Seavey will not be standing for re-election this fall. We thank Stedman for his years of service. His brother, Roger Seavey, will seek to replace him but we know little about Roger’s resume of public service.

We have, however, come to know Diane Denk as a high-energy doer and advocate for many issues that are important. Following a business career with fiscal and organizational responsibilities, Diane has taught in our local schools and has worked with home-bound students with serious illnesses as well as others who have been suspended from in-class participation.

Diane not only understands the needs and struggles facing many of our seniors, she has pro-actively stepped forward to address them.

She and her late husband drove many miles and dedicated many hours in collecting and distributing for York County Foodbank. She has served on the board of the senior center and as a hospice volunteer. Diane has served as the public member on the Maine, regional and the national dental boards ensuring the access of all citizens to safe and affordable dental care.

Diane brings so many relevant experiences, so much passion to protecting the resources of Maine while improving the lives of many Mainers, we are confident that she is uniquely qualified to best serve our community as Representative for House District 9.

Dick and Pat Smith
Cape Porpoise

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