2018-10-05 / Letters

Candidate goes above and beyond

To the editor,

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, we will be voting for a new state representative in our district. Stedman Seavey has served in that capacity for the past few years but has announced he will not be running again. We would like to thank him for his efforts.

We are supporting Diane Denk to take over the role of our next representative. We have known Diane for many years and have seen her in a number of different roles: volunteering for hospice, implementing an annual turkey drive for the York County Shelter, working for senior citizens as a board member of The Center, advocating for animals and being fully committed to the children she teaches. She consistently steps up whenever she feels someone has been treated unfairly or needs an extra hand.

In all of these roles, Diane always goes above and beyond what is asked or expected. We feel she will bring these qualities to Augusta when she is our representative.

Bill and Pat Dugan

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