2018-10-05 / Community

News Briefs

BRIDGE REPAIR — Kennebunk selectmen have awarded a half-million dollar contract to replace the Emmons Road Bridge, also known as Pasture Bridg over Ward Brook.

T-Buck Construction of Auburn put in the lowest offer of five bids, at $499,700. Allowing for a 10 percent contingency, selectmen voted Sept. 25 to authorize spending up to $549,670 on the project.

The other bids ranged from $571,525 to $744,000.

T-Buck is the same company that recently rebuilt the Mathew Lanigan Bridge that links Kennebunk’s Lower Village to Dock Square in Kennebunkport.

Under its Low Use/Redundant Bridge program, the Maine Department of Transportation will kick in $200,000 for the work, reducing the town’s actual cost to $349,670.

Kennebunk currently has $500,000 set aside under the Public Services Drainage and Bridge line of the town’s 2016-2017 fiscal year capital improvements budget.

Town Finance Director Joel Downs said that $500,000 was bonded in May. That means the town has borrowed $150,330 more than it needed. That money can now me applied to other work already authorized, saving the town from having to borrow for those jobs, or to fund road projects not yet put on the table for lack of funds.

“We have options,” Downs told selectmen.

TRUCK BUY — Kennebunkport selectmen have purchased a new 2019 Ford F-250 pickup truck to be used by the highway and wastewater departments.

After sending out five invitations to bid, the town received two offers, awarding the contract Sept. 27 to the low bidder, Key Ford of York for $27,277.

The purchase was financed with proceeds from the recent sale of a used town backhoe.

FUEL PUMPS — Kennebunkport will replace two failing fuel pumps at its public works facility.

Public Works Director Michael Claus said parts for the older pumps are no longer available.

Portland Pump Company, one of two dealers in the state Claus said is able to service the town’s fueling system, got the contract with a low bid of $10,353.

The money will come from the town garage capital improvements fund, which had a balance of $13,262.

GENERAL ASSISTANCE — Selectmen in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport voted unanimously Sept. 25 and 27, respectively, to adopt new state maximum payouts to general assistance applicants for the year to start Oct. 1.

Residents who have exhausted other resources and turn to the town for charitable aid can now get $766 per person (up $21 from the 2017-2018 year) and $1,457 for a family of four (up $30).

The new maximums include up to $149 per week to feed a family of four (up $1), and $1,003 per month on rent for a heated two-bedroom apartment (up $11).

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