2018-09-14 / Letters

Vote could help lives of seniors

To the editor,

Maine is old. The state of Maine’s citizens have attained the oldest median age of all U.S. residents, according to the Census Bureau. That number is 44.6 years of age, and it is increasing every year. Additionally, Maine citizens live in some of the oldest housing stock of any state. Maine also has more designated age-friendly cities and towns of any state in the Union, more than 50 at last count.

These municipalities have hundreds of nonprofit groups and volunteers helping with maintaining a rich, vibrant life for our senior citizens.

One of the most important initiatives in our communities is the plan for aging in place, the idea that seniors can stay in their homes, after a lifetime of working and participating in the life of their cities and towns and not have to move to another location.

These groups cannot do this work alone.

Question 1, universal home care, will make a difference in the lives of every senior and person with disabilities in the state of Maine, by providing home health care and assistance for daily living.

I urge you to vote yes on Question 1 this November.

Bevan Davies

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