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Ranked choice voting is anti-American

To the editor,

Time to review the scam perpetrated on the people of Maine by the implementation of ranked choice voting.

The final numbers are in and it isn’t pretty. I’m going to deal primarily with the Democrat side of the equation, since they suffered the worst.

To summarize. In Round 1 there were seven candidates, one write-in. A total of 132,250 votes were cast and counted. Round 2, four candidates, 124,093 ballots counted. Round 3, three candidates, 122,512 ballots counted. Round 4, two candidates, 117,250 ballots counted.

Janet Mills was declared the winner with 63,384 votes or 54.06 percent of the total. What you won’t hear in the news is that Mills won 54.06 percent of the vote only after 15,000 ballots were disposed of. 15,000

Democrat voters had their ballots tossed out by the time the final round of counting began. Mills actually only won 47.9 percent of the actual total vote. Nowhere near the proclaimed 50 percent-plus for which the whole concept of ranked choice voting was deemed absolutely necessary.

In the final round, Adam Cote received 53,866 votes. That’s 9,518 fewer than Mills. It is significantly less than the number of ballots thrown out, 15,000.

This is disgraceful. This is not democracy in action. This is a scam, and an expensive one at that.

The outcome after many days was absolutely no different than the outcome the day of voting except 15,000 Mainers had their ballots tossed out and it cost so much more than a regular primary that the secretary of state is now requesting more money for the real election in November.

Not sure how to get rid of ranked choice voting, but we definitely need to get rid of it. It’s anti-American.

James R. Cressey

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