2018-08-31 / Letters

A reminder: We are all in this together

To the editor,

After reading the Post article of Aug. 17 about “No New Roads in Kennebunkport,” I have to comment on what I see as an outrageous default position by the board of selectmen. As stated in the article in a quote from Ed Hutchins, “… I don’t see where the justification is for the other residents of the town to subsidize your costs,” referring to the acceptance of new approved and built subdivision roads into the public system.

I live in a private neighborhood in Kennebunkport today. At this point, our neighborhood has no desire to have public roads, but that’s not to say someday we might. Regardless, I’ve lived in town and paid property taxes for 18 years.

I have never sent a child to the school system, I don’t get trash pickup or plowing or road repair, nor sewers nor year-round water. As such, I receive almost none of the expensive services that the town provides — yet I pay my taxes to apparently “subsidize your costs.” So, I find the selectmen’s position very troubling.

I agree there should be due process on acceptance of new roads and subdivisions, but a blanket refusal is wrong.

We are allowing (encouraging?) growth in Kennebunkport and there should be no we vs. them to town residents and taxpayers. We all contribute to Kennebunkport and we are all in this together. We all pay our way, regardless of the specific services we may individually benefit from in any given year. The selectmen would be wise to consider this.

Paul Henderson

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