2018-08-17 / Letters

Kennebunk can be part of global change

To the editor,

Although the United States stopped supporting the Paris Climate Agreement last year, U.S. cities and towns are joining the worldwide effort to mitigate climate change.

So far, 177 municipalities in our country including Camden, Maine, have joined the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy. On Tues. Aug. 14, Kennebunk selectmen will consider whether our town should join this effort.

Of the 198 countries that are members of the United Nations, only two, Nicaragua and Syria, have declined to join the agreement. While the USA signed it, we are currently refusing to fulfill our commitment. Despite this national refusal to act, mayors of cities and towns all over our country are agreeing to do their fair share. In addition, many corporations are adopting alternative forms of clean energy, which will support this nearly universal effort.

How many severe hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and fires will it take to convince us to act — to do our best to lessen the force of these disasters?

The Kennebunk Energy Efficiency Advisory Committee (KEEAC) and students and faculty from The New School Tuesday evening will make a proposal regarding the Covenant of Mayors to the selectmen.

Kennebunk is only a small town, you might say. But we have a voice. There is strength in numbers.

I urge the Kennebunk board of selectmen to join municipal leaders from coast to coast that have agreed to conserve energy and produce less pollution.

Positive change is in store for the 21st century.

Victoria Adams Kennebunk

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