2018-08-10 / Letters

Let’s teach honesty, integrity and hard work; promote kindness

To the editor,

In response to statements made in The Rev. Emil A. Witschy’s recent letter, I invite him to ask the Gold Star mother who stood by her husband, Khizr Khan. at the Democratic convention if Trump just opposes Muslims who are terrorists. Ask Federal Judge Gonzalo P. Curiel, whom candidate Donald Trump said could not be fair because of his connection to Mexico, if Trump just targets illegal immigrants. Ask the Pulitzer Prize Committee if they think the New York Times and the Washington Post repeatedly allow journalists to purposefully and knowingly report lies. These are Trump’s two main targets of fake news and two recipients of numerous Pulitzer Prizes.

We who live in Maine cherish the slogan, “Maine, The Way Life Should Be.” What do you want your Maine to be?

I want my Maine to be a place of beauty, peopled with healthy, kind and honest citizens. I don’t want Mainers to relive the past, old hatreds, grudges and prejudices.

However, President Trump does. He rallies his base using symbols of divisiveness in order for his followers to harass targeted groups. The oppressors then feel powerful and self-righteous.

I want my Maine to bring out the best in people. Let’s ask our communities and our leaders to teach honesty, integrity and hard work; to promote kindness. Let’s not mislead one another about Trump.

Helen Rivas-Rose

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