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Finding mutual ground is difficult in current climate

To the editor,

Regarding Rev. Emil Witschy’s letter of July 27, I agree that “words that make for reconciliation and peace” are needed in our national dialogue. I also believe that factual information must be a crucial part of any discussion. Rev. Witschy accuses Robert Flynn of ignoring “inconvenient truths,” but he himself is guilty of that charge. He writes, “President Trump’s targets are only the immigrants who are illegal.”

Multiple news sources point out that ICE targets immigrants with no criminal records. It has begun targeting U.S. citizens (Los Angeles Times, Esquire, Newsweek, Boston Globe) and recently has targeted immigrants seeking citizenship legally through service in the U.S. Military (New York Times). He writes that Trump’s targets “are only Muslims who are terrorists.”

On the contrary, Trump’s travel ban is not based on vetting of potential terrorists but solely on the fact that people from the selected countries are primarily Muslim. He writes that Trump targets “only those journalists who purposefully and knowingly report lies.” Putting aside the fact that Trump’s documented lies since in office hover around the 3,000 mark, he has relentlessly undermined the entire press corps except for Fox News as “enemies of the people” (Chicago Tribune, The Guardian, Washington Post). Signs of incipient fascism include but are not limited to the following:

One, contempt for the rule of law; note the continuous attacks on the U.S. Justice Department, the FBI and the CIA as well as Trump’s flouting of the emoluments clause in the Constitution.

Two, the press is continuously disparaged (see above).

Three, an enemy is created and fear and hatred toward that enemy is incited (Mexicans are called drug addicts and rapists; Muslims are called terrorists). These are clear signs of fascism and they are occurring in our country at this moment. If we, as Americans, are going to have a productive dialogue about our country, we must acknowledge the current danger to our democracy.

Trying to find mutual ground is imperative but that will not happen when reality is sugarcoated and “inconvenient truths” are ignored by anyone.

Linda L. Lucas

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