2018-07-20 / Letters

Plenty of blame to share for current climate

To the editor,

Robert Lyons was partially correct, fascism does not happen overnight. It has a long and storied history as part of the Democratic party. The Ku Klux Klan, the enforcement arm of the Democratic party in the late 1800s and early 1900s, used intimidation, threats of force, destruction of personal property and even murder to enforce their ideology. All while wearing white capes and hoods.

Fast forward. Occupy Wall Street used the exact same tactics, minus the murder, as far as I know and swapped the white cape and hood for black garb and black face masks. This group then morphed into the Antifa fascists. Same uniform, same use of violence, same destruction of private property.

The Dems also have Black Lives Matter, aka BLM, which calls for the killing of police and the destruction of historical monuments and statues. Rewriting and destroying history was as big with the Nazis as it is with BLM. Hint: You learn not to repeat history by remembering it, not hiding it or destryoing it.

The Dems have also used violence, intimidation and destruction of private and public property on college campuses to deny Americans their right to free speech.

There are also several Democratic members of Congress who are big fans of Louis Farrakhan, proud member of the Nation of Islam and one of the most racist, anti-Semitic individuals in the U.S.

And let us not forget Democrat Maxine Waters, calling for harassment, intimidation and even violence against all members of the Trump administration.

Fascism has always been a left wing ideology. It does not appear overnight nor has it ever really disappeared. It is alive and well and an integral part of the Democratic Party.

Jim Cressey

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