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Writers weigh in on elections

To the editor,

I am writing to endorse Kendra Connor for RSU 21 school board. I’ve known Kendra since 2004 and have seen her family grow and engage in all aspects of our community, demonstrating stewardship of school and recreational programs and becoming great young citizens. With children in each of our Kennebunk schools (and two already off to college), Kendra is my go-to parent expert for all things RSU 21.

As an active volunteer in the schools and mom extraordinaire, Kendra is aware of the needs and opportunities across our school and community and will focus on making sure Kennebunk is and remains a top school system. I know Kendra will examine the budget and make sure we are spending wisely; she knows we have invested a lot in the recent construction and that it’s critical that we retain and hire the best teachers and administrators to continue Kennebunk’s legacy of great public education.

There are many good people running for school board this year. If you are looking for an experienced, thoughtful, organized and caring person to support, Kendra Connor is a fantastic choice.

Jill H. Schulte

To the editor,

Mark Eves embodies the important characteristics, including civility, that have been lacking for seven years in our governor.

Mark’s most important quality, which he has proven as an elected and reelected speaker of the Maine House, is his ability to reach across the aisle and compromise with those of differing political views in order to accomplish results for the benefit of the people of Maine.

Mark has a wonderful, soft-spoken manner, accompanied by a fine sense of humor, that attracts people to him. He exudes an honest and empathetic sense of compassion enhanced by his long professional service as a family therapist.

His passions are to improve Maine’s health care system, to improve Maine’s educational services, to promote gun safety (while respecting the Second Amendment) and to protect Maine’s special environment that helps us all enjoy the way life should be.

As governor, Mark will focus on adding jobs and improving the overall economy while dealing with the drug epidemic that is now the scourge of Maine as well as of our nation as a whole.

Finally, as a legislator for eight years, Mark know the ins and outs of our state government and, as they say, he can hit the ground running in restoring productive cooperation between the executive and legislative branches.

Let us vote for a citizen leader who will represent us with the experience and with the sense of duty that our founding fathers deemed vital for the promotion and preservation of our democracy.

Ted Baker

To the editor,

If you know anything about Kennebunk Light and Power, you know that it’s about much more than its three Mousam River dams. Jay Kilbourn has served as a trustee for the past five years and has helped KLPD make considerable progress on a number of fronts.

Low rates have been maintained, as has outstanding, reliable service. An initial solar installation will generate clean and renewable power at a contracted cost that is below the market rates for power. He has brought clear and thoughtful leadership to the board.

His opponent, Albert Kolff, unfortunately does not have a very good record. He appears to be absolutely committed to retaining the dams by any means possible, regardless of the costs and consequences. He has frequently promoted false or misleading information. His financial analysis of the dams had three errors of approximately $5 million each. He has repeatedly promoted the nonsense that there are only nine fish in the river. He was the co-author of a lengthy filing to FERC that proposed a role for the selectmen and KLPD without consulting either of them, angering members of both boards.

KLPD has already notified FERC that it will not be seeking a new license for hydropower generation and that decision cannot be changed.

Jay Kilbourn is not committed to either retaining or removing the dams, but rather to making decisions that are best for the town and KLPD’s mission. So, regardless of your thoughts about the dams and hydropower, what KLPD really needs is competent, thoughtful, transparent leadership that is forward looking and thinking. This is what Jay Kilbourn has provided and will continue to provide. Save KLPD. Please vote for Jay Kilbourn for KLPD trustee.

Bill Grabin

To the editor,

I’m writing this letter in support of Albert Kolff for trustee of the Kennebunk Light and Power District. Mr. Kolff would be an excellent addition to the trustee board and with his architectural and management experience he would help lead KLPD into the future. Albert has spirited the charge in the Save the Mousam movement and has educated himself with the problems KLPD faces going forward. I urge the people of Kennebunk to vote for Albert Kolff, trustee of KLPD on June 12.

Scott Ducharme

To the editor,

Correcting a falsehood. The river will look exactly like it does below the dam on Route 1. Mr. Kilbourn has never said anything to correct this falsehood. I can’t help but wonder why? I have seen the river when the dams were open, allowing the river to run free. Only a small percentage of the river has a grade steep enough to look similar to what it does below the Kesslen, most of the river is much flatter than that. Our river will not be pretty. It will be ugly and definitely not a asset to Kennebunk. It will be a useless stream, that shouldn’t even be called a river.

If we end up losing the dams and the green energy they produce, we will not be able to reverse it. Turning back the clock on the Mousam will not make things the same as it was 200 years ago. Albert Kolff wants to keep the green energy and the dams. We need better leadership and a person who will listen to the voters. Mr. Kolff will do that. There is a movement to remove every dam in Maine and this is all that this is about.

Bill Harmon

To the editor,

I would like to encourage voters to consider the whole picture when deciding which candidate to choose for the KLPD trustee.

Albert Kolff is running in order to save the dams. Without even considering his lack of experience with a light and power utility, I have to point out that KLPD has already sent FERC their official decision not to renew their licenses and it is against FERC rules to change your mind and request license renewal at this point.

KLPD is a business charged with providing electricity to its customers at the lowest possible costs. There is a lot more to being a KLP trustee besides handling the dam issues.

Jay Kilbourne has been, and continues to be, open-minded about the dams, but he voted to terminate hydropower production after 2022 because, not to do so, would cost ratepayers millions of dollars. Three separate engineering reports confirmed this.

Instead, Jay has focused his efforts toward solar power. Under his leadership, KLPD now has a solar power contract to build in West Kennebunk and they have a contract to buy solar power for 20 years at a lower price than today’s costs.

Jay has also pledged to continue the fight to expand KLPD’s coverage to all of Kennebunk.

Please ensure the future health of Kennebunk Light and Power by voting for Jay Kilbourne.

Miriam and Jonathan Whitehouse

To the editor,

In the article “Selectmen candidates are in place,” the Post introduced Michael Green as “a newcomer to town politics.” Indeed, he has not served on the board nor any of the town committees. This is why Green will get my vote. The board needs new members with fresh ideas and different perspectives. Don’t be put off by Green’s shaggy hair, concert T-shirts, vans and youthful spirit. He is smart and committed to making the town a great place to live. And, Green will represent a segment of the Kennebunk population that is not well-represented on the board.

According to Census data, only 44 percent of adults in Kennebunk are age 60 and over. The upcoming election has the potential to result in a board with six out of seven members over age of 60, if selectman Schulte and newcomer Green do not get seats.

There is buzz around town with people wondering, Who is Michael Green? You’ve probably seen him around town in his vintage Volkswagen. The cool old green car is a conversation-starter. You’ll often find him eating tacos and socializing at Pedro’s. You may have chatted with him or pet his dogs while strolling along Gooch’s Beach. You may have met him and his wife skating at the Waterhouse Center, shopping at the farmers’ market, or dining at 50 Local. Green is always out supporting local businesses.

I feel strongly that the board of selectmen be representative of the town with regard to age and gender. Since there are no women are on the ballot, I am advocating for representation based on age. In order for the board to be representative, three members should be age 35-59 (42 percent). The way to make this happen is to vote for Green and Schulte.

I am confident Michael Green will serve the town well.

Lisa Famularo

To the editor,

Thinking Mainers deeply respect the dedication, effort and sacrifice elected representatives to the Maine legislature manifest every session. This last session was January through April. All business needs to be addressed, scheduled for timely discussion and completed within that four-month period and can be completed if the leadership is orderly in manner of scheduling.

Word of delay reached the Port February, March and April indicating the scheduler was malfunctioning. I’m so grateful for those who honestly serve Mainers in Augusta and I support Stedman Seavey’s decision that delay in scheduling is no reason to recall the Legislature.

The critical issue left hanging is whether future schedulers learn that Mainers expect more timely scheduling of vital issues for completion within the legislative session. An orderly cooperating sum of the parts ensures the smooth running of the whole.

Jule Gerrish

To the editor,

Please support our first responders: police, fire and EMS by voting yes on Question 8 to prohibit pot clubs and pot shops in Kennebunk. Your vote on June 12 is needed.

Thank you for your help in keeping Kennebunk one of the safest places to live.

Cindi and Lionel Menard

To the editor,

Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn is a candidate for the open seat on the board of trustees at the Kennebunk Light and Power District. The district is at the threshold of planning and important changes for the future, as well as continuing to supply reliable and affordable energy to the community.

What the district needs now is a person with relevant experience. Mr. Kilbourn has five years of experience on this very board, three years as chairman. What the district needs now is someone on the board with education and experience in business, energy and environmental issues. Mr. Kilbourn is college educated, has been an energy consultant, was president of BioEnergy Revisioning, LLC, and he is a former vice president of Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

What the district needs now is someone with experience and a desire to continue in real, meaningful community service. Mr. Kilbourn has served six years on RSU 21 school board, he was a candidate for state senate and is currently a non-partisan congressional liaison at Citizen’s Climate Lobby. He is, of course, seeking re-election to the KLP board of trustees to continue that community service.

What the district needs now is a trustee who has helped to develop, is familiar with, and intends to complete and implement the district’s strategic plan to successfully bring our small community owned energy provider into a future filled with complex technical developments such as solar power, battery storage and electric vehicles, and others.

This is a time when the re-licensing of the hydropower dams has led to unfortunate division in the community. What the district needs now is a trustee who is well informed on all of the relevant issues and is committed to making decisions based on the facts as they develop from real data, cost analyses and federal requirements as well as full community input and involvement. What the district does not need now is a trustee of KLP who is preoccupied with one issue and lacks the KLP experience possessed by Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn.

Paul Beach

To the editor,

I will be supporting Jonathan (Jay) Kilbourn for trustee at Kennebunk Light and Power. This is an important position and the decisions made there will be important for all the citizens of Kennebunk, not simply the small number of those concerned with the very narrow issue of the dams on the Mousam River.

Our town of Kennebunk must move into the 21st century with progressive plans for energy, such as solar and wind, technologies which will encourage the formation of new industries and new jobs. I believe that Jay Kilbourn will advance the best interests of our citizens.

Bevan Davies

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