2018-05-25 / Letters

Candidate is well versed and fair-minded

To the editor,

I am writing today to urge Kennebunk voters to support Jonathan “Jay” Kilbourn for the open position on the Kennebunk Light and Power District. Jay has been on the board for five years and has been an effective president for the last three. He supports the completion and implementation of the strategic plan for KLPD, that has been in the works for some time.

With the many changes we are going to see in the next few years, there must be a road map to follow. It is clear that becoming a part of the overburdened CMP when any type of destructive event occurs will considerably increase the wait time for power outages to be addressed. KLPD’s mission is to deliver reliable electric service at low cost. They have done this.

What I like most about Kilbourn’s thinking is that he is looking to the future and not accepting the cry of, ‘It’s always been this way’ as the only determinant. He does not discount the public debate over the fate of hydropower, but insists that all the benefits and defects be carefully considered.

Jay Kilbourn is fair-minded, and well versed in directly pertinent issues and I believe is best qualified to guide the KLPD in the rapidly changing power generation climate. I hope you will consider voting for him.

Karen Tolstrup

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