2018-05-25 / Letters

Candidate has passion and commitment

To the editor,

With the many candidates on the ballot for the upcoming election, those of us in Kennebunk have the luxury of voting for an incredibly gifted and experienced candidate for the Kennebunk Light and Power board of trustees, Albert Kolff.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Albert for several years now. As an outstanding architect and conservationist he has overseen major projects and has worked tirelessly to improve and retain green energy for Kennebunk while keeping our three dams.

He has represented our citizens in their overwhelming vote to maintain the Mousam River for recreation as well as improving, not eliminating, our existing hydro resources. An avid fisherman, he wants the creation of fish passage on the river. Most importantly, Albert wants KLPD to keep costs low while being fiscally responsible and transparent.

I urge voters to look at Albert’s passion and commitment to the town and to KLPD and vote for a new strong voice as our representative trustee.

Dr. David A. Wayne

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