2018-05-18 / Letters

May Day Festival minus balloons is a hit

To the editor,

Kennebunk’s May Day decorations were fantastic this year. The town was full of people all day long and the ribbons on streetlights looked just great. The ribbons are great alternatives to balloons, and I saw very few if any, balloons around the town, which completely eliminated the chance of them unintentionally entering the environment. The town looked lively and just as festive with the new and reusable decorations hanging on Main Street, in the park along Water Street and in the park along Storer Street.

I’d like to thank Kennebunk’s May Day Committee for immediately supporting the idea of replacing balloons with environmentally friendly alternatives and the Kennebunk Kennebunkport and Wells Water District for not handing out balloons this year and offering face-painting and photos with their mascot “Drippy” for passersby visiting their tent.

Pictures of the decorations around Kennebunk were well received by members of Facebook and were shared to a fan base of 60,000 followers by nonprofit organization “Balloons Blow, Don’t Let them Go,” in Florida and has been liked by 983 people.

Comments from users were posted as well, such as, “The ribbons look lovely, much nicer than balloons,” and “I was looking into which town to stay in Maine, this [Kennebunk] looks like a good place to visit with my money if I ever saw one.”

This is great publicity for the town and the good deeds it has done to protect the environment and everything living in it and I’m proud to live in Kennebunk and see it thrive without balloons.

Will Jones

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