2018-05-18 / Letters

Candidate puts taxpayers first

To the editor,

While working closely together on Kennebunk Light and Power issues and our dams during the past three years, I’ve come to know and greatly respect Albert Kolff who is running for the position of KLPD trustee.

First, every time an incumbent comes up for reelection, he or she has to run on their record. Let’s take a look at the KLPD race. During the incumbent’s term:

Last year, Corning of West Kennebunk, one of our largest customers and source of revenue, stopped buying its power from KLPD.

Though hydro maintenance funds were budgeted each year, they weren’t spent on upgrading the hydro equipment. The kWh production naturally began to drop after his first year on the board. The resulting loss of clean, local hydropower had to be replaced by not-as-clean power sources.

Our ratepayers have had to struggle to overcome obstacle after obstacle to be able to have input at KLPD meetings.

He ignored your overwhelming positive votes, almost 70 percent, in November, 2016 to continue to produce green, eco-friendly hydro power, properly maintain the hydro equipment, and to keep our dams.

Instead, he followed the direction of the out-of-town special interest groups whose ultimate goal is to tear down our dams.

When you first meet Albert Kolff, you quickly learn from his out-going nature, as well as his being a good listener, that there won’t be any KLPD openness or transparency problems with this new trustee.

Albert believes that instead of losing power customers, you need to grow that customer base with local power rates that will attract new employers and jobs to the Kennebunk economy.

Albert Kolff has become one of the most knowledgeable persons in southern Maine about the bureaucratic FERC re-licensing process which the District will be immersed in for the next five years. We need Albert’s FERC expertise on the board now.

The crucial Water Street transformer substation upgrade needs a trustee beginning this June who has had an architectural design career. We need his follow through experience to see that it’s done right and on or below budget.

Albert Kolff will always put the ratepayers and local taxpayers ahead of the out-of-town special interest groups.

I’d ask you to consider voting on June 12 for Albert Kolff for your new KLPD trustee.

Tom Murphy

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