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Small things add up to conserve planet

To the editor,

I was one of the many exhibitors at the Waterhouse Center in downtown Kennebunk this past Saturday. It was a great turnout with so many wonderful groups, all of whom had a different way to honor Mother Earth.

I was with the Citizen’s Climate Lobby. We had a survey, via placing beans in jars as to which of four options people thought was the most important way to stop climate change.

The final tally was: A. Do nothing - 1 bean, B. Take state action - 5 beans, C. Act at home - 23 beans and D. Congress should act - 23 beans.

I suspect the one bean was a joke, but it is interesting that people felt that the state of Maine would not be an effective actor. As a member of CCL, I support lobbying to convince our legislators to act. But I also want to suggest some very simple things you can do to help.

Buy, either new or at a thrift shop, cloth napkins, or hem up some suitable fabric remnants. In a year the amount of paper napkins you won’t be using is significant. Consider putting up clothes lines or buy racks to dry at least small stuff in the house rather than using a dryer. Take shorter showers.

Compost your vegetable scraps and if you can, subscribe to “We Compost,” who will for a very reasonable fee, give you a covered plastic bucket and pick up the compost from your door. Cook in quantity and freeze. Not only do you save gas or electricity, it is nice to be able to grab a container from the freezer in the a.m. and come home from work or a meeting to a re-heatable dinner.

Use glass containers wherever possible. Bring a plastic bag (the only legit use of one) and some old gardening gloves with you when you walk on the beach or anywhere. Pick up other peoples thrown away stuff. It makes you a superior person.

There are many more small things we all can do. It adds up. Don’t think it doesn’t matter. I hope that true spring has really sprung at last and that we all will get busy enjoying outdoors while conserving the planet we love.

Karen Tolstrup

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