2018-02-16 / Letters

Motivation for ranked choice voting is election by majority

To the editor:

The outcome of the People’s Veto, which puts ranked choice voting into effect for the June primaries, is a victory for Maine voters.

More than 80,000 signed the recent petitions to veto the Legislature’s decision that would have delayed ranked choice voting for four years. That is quite a few more signatures than the 61,123 needed and most were collected outdoors in inclement weather. All petitioners were registered Maine voters.

Regarding James Cressey’s second response to my letters on this subject, I would say it is not civil to assume that those with whom you disagree have “true ulterior motives,” guess what those might be and then to have your guesses published.

The motive of those who favor ranked choice is to elect representatives in Washington, D.C., that have the approval of a majority of those who vote. My personal motive, however, goes further than that. I want to elect representatives who are neither far right nor far left.

I want centrist representatives who can speak to one another, reach across the aisle, find compromises and truly represent not just those who voted for them, but all the people of our great state. I believe that ranked choice voting is the best way to achieve this goal.

Victoria Adams

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