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The ‘true ulterior motives of the ranked choice voting crowd’

To the editor:

In her Jan. 26 letter, Vicki Adams states that if ranked choice voting had been in effect in 1878, the candidate with the least votes would not have been appointed.

In truth, if the Legislature had not been controlled by the Democrats, the candidate with the least number of votes would not have been appointed.

Our forefathers followed a simple maxim when it came to competition of any kind, may the best man win. Under ranked choice voting it would be changed to may the second or third best man win. That is the reason they changed the Maine Constitution to a plurality winner.

Ranked choice voting, aka, instant runoff voting was devised in 1871 by American William Robert Ware. It was available in 1878 yet our forefathers refused to implement it. They also understood the concept of one person, one vote as opposed to keep voting until someone, anyone gets more than 50 percent.

Ranked choice voting has been so popular worldwide that in the last 147 years of its existence a total of eight countries use some form of it. The majority of which use it solely in local elections.

Adams and the rest of the ranked choice voting adherents believe that less than 35 percent of eligible voters is more than enough to change Maine constitutional law that has been in effect for over 140 years but 35 percent of actual voters is no where near adequate enough to elect a governor every two years.

Finally, we get to the true ulterior motives of the ranked choice voting crowd, spoilers. Since the late 1960s and early ’70s, when there have been three candidates, they regularly consist of a right wing Republican, a left wing Democrat and a far left wing Independent or Green party candidate.

Ranked choice voting will ensure a left wing, progressive, tax increasing, job killing, debt increasing, waste money on feel-good, do-nothing projects, ruling class in perpetuity in Maine, even if it consists of second and or third choice candidates.

For the left, the ends always justifies the means.

James R. Cressey

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