2018-02-02 / Letters

Salute to Arundel selectmen for town hall committee decision

To the editor:

A great big thank you to the Arundel board of selectmen for their wise decision to accept a large number of volunteers for the town hall committee.

It is at times a public sport to disparage local government for policies made or inefficiencies perceived. However, the people working to make our communities a better place to live sometimes don’t get the praise or recognition they should.

It was not only a wise decision in terms of possible involvement by these same folks down through the years in other town capacities but also that a project of this magnitude should have as much input as possible from all different perspectives of the people of Arundel.

Volunteers are hard to come by nowadays due to the busy lives we lead so it is encouraging to see this many people who want to contribute to their community.

My thanks to both the Arundel board of selectmen and the volunteers who will give their time and effort to make Arundel a better place to live.

Jake Hawkins

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