2018-01-26 / Letters

The hidden costs of deportation

To the editor:

If you ever wondered what our Homeland Security actually does or in this case, should not have done, reference Boston Globe’s article dated Jan. 17 “Father too old for DACA.”

Apparently this father was brought to the U.S. when he was 10 years old (in 1989), has spent three-quarters of his life here, has no criminal record, is married to a U.S. citizen, is raising two children (12 and 15) and unlike some of our god-fearing citizens, actually works every day to support his family. However, according to HLS dogma “(his) deportation was necessary to protect the public and national security.”

It seems that Mr. Garcia’s biggest crime or mistake goes back to 2005 when he attempted to obtain “true” legal status, but which merely landed him on a merry-go-round deportation/hit list.

And now that Mr. Garcia has been sent back to Mexico, where he has no interest and most likely knows less about than even you or I, our HLS/ICE zealots have not only created an unjust and totally illogical act, but destroyed a so-called ideal American family, one that appears to be exactly what our Mr. T. wants more of in this country. Also, from a strictly financial standpoint, how does our administration justify irresponsibly removing the working family bread winner and his contribution to taxes and his positive affect on consumer goods and replace it with the likelihood that his remaining family will now need to apply for welfare?

This lost/cost doesn’t even include the high price of supporting our HLS/ICE misdirected officials, along with the cost of deportation and the mountain of unnecessary paperwork involved. Clearly this is not a win-win situation, but instead a lose today and lose again tomorrow for us as a free country. Maybe Mr. Garcia’s real crime was that (in 1989) he was brought here from big bad Mexico, where they value family, religion and community support and not one of Mr. T’s favorite pet countries, like Norway or even Russia.

Jim Thompson

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