2018-01-19 / Letters

One person, one vote is the way it should be

To the editor:

Victoria Adams’ letter in the Jan. 12 edition of the Post conveniently failed to mention a few facts. In 1878, no candidate received a majority for the office of governor and the Democratic controlled legislature selected Democrat Alonzo Garcelon as the winner, even though he had come in third in the election. In 1880 the Maine constitution was changed to a plurality vote wins the governorship. This was in direct response to Democrats actions in 1878.

She goes on to say the people of Maine voted for ranked choice voting. In reality less than 35 percent of registered Maine voters voted in favor of it. Ranked choice voting is a horrible idea. Someone else’s second choice should never beat my first choice. The concept of one person, one vote is a foundation of our society. Ranked choice voting allows multiple votes by a single voter for the same position. If you cannot put forth a better candidate and make better arguments in favor of your positions, you should not win.

I am so proud of the current Maine legislature and governor for putting off implementation the unconstitutional ranked choice voting. We should not allow a minority of Maine registered voters to change our constitution simply because they do not like our current governor.

One person, one vote. Always.

James R. Cressey

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