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Great Person voting continues

It’s time to vote for the Post’s Great Person Award.

Each year, readers choose one person they think has made our communities a special place to live. There are no qualifications for the Great Person Award – it’s simply to honor those who make their community better.

The award is meant to be a thank you for all they do during the year. The winner will be interviewed for a story in the Kennebunk Post.

A ballot of everyone nominated is on page 10.

Voting will end at noon, Wednesday, Dec. 27 and the winner will be announced in the following weeks.

The Post will accept printed ballots (or photo copies) only through Dec. 27. Ballots should be mailed to Kennebunk Post, P.O. Box 1894, Biddeford, ME 04005. Ballots may also be dropped off at 457 Alfred Road, Biddeford.

No emailed ballots will be accepted.

The nominees:

Mark Sutton nominates Maureen King. Maureen has positively impacted our community through her tireless, productive and long-term efforts as an RSU 21 school board of director.

When accomplished effectively, this volunteer position requires multiple meetings monthly with local and statewide educators and constituents. In Maureen’s case, this has included assisting in hiring several district superintendents and importantly, fully involving herself in the planning and execution of large-scale school renovations.

Maureen has also demonstrated remarkable longevity, as her tenure has spanned two decades. That’s a full generation of students. Interestingly enough, Maureen has remained steadfastly working on the board, even years after her own family children have since graduated.

Finally, Maureen is one of 12 school board of directors and two student representatives. We have an excellent staff of dedicated teachers, staff and administrators. Additionally, there are countless numbers of involved and concerned local citizens, who regularly attend the town meetings, as an integral check and balance force.

It seems to me that we have a praiseworthy school system. We, as community members, are fortunate to enjoy the fruits of the labor expended by Maureen King and all others noted above.

Brian Fox nominates Kristina Birthisel. With a smile, she is always so helpful to everyone at Kennebunk Free Library. The town is lucky to have her.

Margaret Adams nominates Ahmed Cianguilli. He has overcome so much while recovering from stroke. Learning how to walk again while leading a full and active life. He owned his own business downtown and volunteered in our community. He started his own healthy walking program in which many friends and residents participate. Ahmed sets the example of persevering through difficult times. He is a kind and generous person, always willing to help out the community. Kennebunk is fortunate to have a man such as Ahmed living here. Many people know him because he walks everywhere in town. He recognized and stopped by many people along the way. He is a wonderful inspiration to many of us.

Melinda, Pamela, Ayden and Ashlie Breault nominate Cindy Noble for the Great Person Award. Cindy is an amazing and kind-hearted person. She has done so much for her family and friends. If you need anything at all, just ask her and she will do what she can to help. Especially if you’re sick or not feeling well, she will volunteer her time to make meals or whatever for you. Cindy puts everyone before herself.

Cindy loves to cook and bake. If we ever need a recipe all we do is ask her and she will send it to us. She donates her time once a week to cook for the Kennebunk Police Department, which they are all very thankful for. Every week they wait to see what momma Noble has made. Family is everything, her husband, two kids, in-laws and three grandbabies are her life.

She loves her Bingo night weekly (everybody loves “me” time). We personally are very grateful for having her as our “Aunt Cindy,” because when we need someone to talk to or just vent, she’s always there, or makes time for us, whether it be a call or text. She will give her advice even if it’s good or bad, sometimes we might get upset but she’s still our favorite aunt and wouldn’t change her for the world. Honestly, we don’t know what we would do without her, so she needs to stay healthy for herself, her family and all of us. We love you Aunt Cindy.

Louise Jaubert nominates Willy Jones because of Willy’s activism to alert the public of the danger of discarded plastic and balloons that pollute our beaches and ultimately threaten all sea life in worldwide oceans.

Jack and Mary Bates nominate Nancy Phythyon.

Nancy works tirelessly for the Kennebunk Cares Closet, providing a much needed service for many agencies in providing clothing for families who are in need.

Teri Collard and Paul Coughlin nominate Dan Hardy, Jake Peterson and John Nelson, owners of Garden Street Bowl. We know this is usually an award for a single person, but we want to nominate the three men who have brought the Garden Street Bowl and Crotux Kitchen and Taphouse to Kennebunk. Hardy, Peterson and Nelson have worked tirelessly for many months to make this wonderful new venue a reality in our town. With a variety of dining options, bowling, sports bar, skee ball, darts, bocce, cornhole and shuffleboard there’s entertainment for a range of tastes and ages.

Garden Street Bowl will bring new jobs, connections, fun and activities to Kennebunk. We know we will be regulars and we are looking forward to seeing many familiar faces.

Marie Morin nominates Steve Adams. Steve lives in Kennebunk, went to Kennebunk schools and raised his family here. He was a Kennebunk business owner and still works locally.

Many people know Steve, but I am not sure, they know the extent of his past/present volunteerism: Cubmaster of Pack 304 in Kennebunk when his son was a scout; chairman of the building renovation committee for the Brick Store Museum for the 4 Main St. buildings; Taught the think you know Kennebunk class for Adult Ed at Kennebunk High School; member of the firing squad in every Memorial Day Parade since his time in the service; For 14 years he has been Judge Bourne for the All Souls Walk; Kennebunk Rotarian including 34 years being Santa at the children’s Christmas party; Auctioneer for the annual York County Board of Realtors Auction; and this season he is the conductor from the Polar Express at the museum.

Sally Hallee was nominated. Hallee is a Kennebunk staple. Her smiling face and notable laugh could be found at the Wayfarer for years. She is also a diehard Rams fan, attending football, wrestling and baseball games.

Lynda Bryan nominates Chris Fernald. From his position behind the window in the Kennebunkport Post Office, he calmly makes the world a better place. Many people have letters or titles following their names, CEO, Ph. D, III, DA, MC. These designations are eye catching and certainly noteworthy. I do not know if Chris has letters accompanying his name. He does not need any. However, if they make a difference, I would add ATPO first, also, MOT and CGWA.

Chris At the Post Office would be recognized by nine out of 10 residents, I am certain. Most of us already speak of him as Chris at the Post Office.

Chris, MOT: He definitely has earned the title Master of Tolerance. Through the years, I have seen him politely interacting with angry, impatient, demanding and/ or confused customers. Never raising his voice, never curt, exasperated or hurried, Chris can always be counted on to listen reassuringly and to solve the problem as best as he possibly can.

Chris, CGWA: He truly is a Community Good Will Ambassador. Chris chats easily with everyone, be they locals or from away. He pays attention to the talk(s) of the day customers share with him and responds with understanding, sympathy, humor – whatever is needed. When visitors come into the post office asking addresses, directions to places of interest, restaurants or beaches, he patiently gives answers and the warm smile of a CGWA.

Chris makes a bright difference in our terrific little community. In doing so, he makes the world a better place and definitely deserves the 2017 Great Person Award. Thank you, Chris.

James Boyle nominates Patty Mitchell. Patty is an excellent local and community person with a big heart. She will help anyone and is a former teacher in Maine.

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