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News Briefs

DOG BITE — Arundel officials are due back in York County District Court in Biddeford Dec. 19 for a conference with a judge in its case against dog owner William Hallczuk.

On July 26, senior citizen Joseph Dumont was riding a bike along the Eastern Trail when he came across Hallczuk and his unleashed dog just before the Mile 26 marker. Hallczuk lives nearby on Mountain Road.

The dog, a 6-year-old white bulldog named Diesel, reportedly lunged at Dumont, resulting in a bite to his left elbow that required multiple surgeries to repair blood vessels.

Dumont also had to undergo a regimen of rabies treatments as the animal was not vaccinated. According to Town Manager Keith Trefethen, Diesel also was not registered.

As a Dec. 5 court appearance by Hallczuk, the town asked the court to order that Hallczuk surrender Diesel to its animal control officer and that, “in light of prior similar incidents and complaints, and Mr. Hallczuk’s demonstrated inability to control his animals,” that he be “no longer permitted to possess dogs.”

The town also asked the judge to assess a fine of $250 and pay to Dumont restitution of “no greater than $3,000” toward his medical bills.

“I’m not quite sure where the court is going to come down in reference to all of this,” Trefethen reported to selectmen Dec. 11. “In regards to a ruling that he no longer have dogs, I may be asking for the impossible, but that is what we’re trying to do.”

WASTEWATER — According to Arundel Town Manager Keith Trefethen, he has signed an agreement with the Kennebunk Sewer District to spend $2,000 on a study to assess what system updates might be needed to the KSD system in order to accept wastewater from future phases of the new Arundel Cottages development on Route 1. “We are interested in seeing if KSD is interested in working in partnership with us in terms of wastewater collection and treatment of wastewater from Arundel,” Trefethen told selectmen at their Dec. 11 meeting. “Right now there seems to be some receptiveness to having that discussion.”

Trefethen said he has forwarded to KSD projected flows from the Cottages project, prepared by engineering firm Wright- Pierce.

Trefethen said the cost of any upgrades installed solely to accommodate Arundel sewage would have to be covered by the town.

“I’ve given the authority to go ahead and do the research,” Trefethen said. “We’re still in the planning stages. What’s going to drive this will be the financial piece as to what it’s going to cost us to do it and how we can use our TIF (tax increment financing) funds to finance it, as well as what customers we may have along that Route 1 corridor to sustain it once it gets done.”

ASSESSING — Arundel property tax assessment records are now online. To assess those records, go to Vision Government Solutions online at http://www.vgsi.com , click “taxpayer information” and then, from the resulting drop-down box, click “assessor’s online database.” That will bring up a list of states. Clicking “Maine” will call up a list of Maine towns in the system. Arundel is listed first, with data as recent as Nov. 30. From there, Arundel lots can be searched by the address or the property owner name.

“It will provide any information on the town tax card to you,” Town Manager Keith Trefethen said.

Trefethen said he hopes to have a link added to the town website soon.

CANCELED MEETING — Due to the holidays, Arundel selectmen have canceled their second regular meeting for December. Instead, the board will hold a brief meeting at 5 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 22.

Town Manager Keith Trefethen said that session will mainly be for the board to sign accounts payable warrants.

Compiled by Staff Writer Wm. Duke Harrington. He can be reached at news@kennebunkpost.com.

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