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PHONE SCAM — The Kennebunks area has been beset by telephone scams this year, with customers of Kennebunk Light and Power customers being hit twice in the past two months.

Now, the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office is warning of a new ploy designed to separate locals from their hard-earned dollars — this one using the sheriff’s office as the lure.

On Nov. 7, just after the deadline for last week’s Post, Sheriff William King circulated a notice advising that today, “several citizens called” earlier that day to report getting a call from a man passing himself off as Sheriff’s Deputy Vance Berry.

In each case, the caller left a voicemail message saying he had an “urgent court matter” to discuss, leaving a call back number of 207-231-2474.

“Clearly, this is a scam call. There is no ‘Deputy Vance Berry’ and the telephone number does not belong to the sheriff’s office,” King wrote. “Community members who receive this call are urged to contact their local authorities.”

What lends the scam call some credency, King said, is that a voice on the call immediately preceding the recorded request for a call back is that of an actual member of the York County Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Mathieu Nadeau.

VOTE TOTALS — Voters at the poll across Maine Nov. 7 soundly rejected the proposal to allow a casino in York County, while also approving an expansion in Medicaid eligibility to those 65 and older at 138 percent or less of the federal poverty line, a $105 million transportation bond and a constitutional amendment that tries to forestall an imminent financial cliff in the Maine public employees pension fund by extending the time the state has to make up from market losses from 10 to 20 years.

Statewide, the casino vote went down with 83 percent opposed. The medicaid expansion had 59 percent in favor, the transportation bond enjoyed support from 72 percent of voters, and the pension fund amendment was approved with 63 percent of the final tally.

In Kennebunk, 85.8 percent opposed a new casino (3,239-537), 66.8 percent said OK to the Medicaid expansion (2,513- 1,249), 81.8 percent favored borrowing for bridges and roads (3,052-680), and 75.6 percent thought amending the state constitution regarding pension funding sounded all right (2,736-880).

In two local votes, 82.3 percent of voters were in favor of minor amendments needed to the new parks ordinance — first adopted in June — to comply with state and federal rules regarding weapons and to prevent them from closing parks and beaches at sundown. The ordinance was adopted, 2,955-633.

Voters also agreed to accept Marby Lane as a town road, with 82.8 percent in favor, 3,012-625.

In Kennebunkport, 87.8 percent were against the casino (1,223-170), 67.9 percent were for Medicaid expansion (941-445), 76.5 percent wanted to borrow for bridges and roads (1,137-249), and 74.4 percent thought amending the state constitution regarding pension funding sounded all right (988-340).

Kennebunkport also had three local questions on the ballot. With 65.6 percent in favor, voters agreed to ban all commercial activity in town related to marijuana, legalized by a November 2016 statewide vote. That decision came down 910-478. Voters also came down with 65.4 percent in favor of exempting so-called in-law apartments from the need to obtain a growth management permit, 847-488, while 85.1 percent said yes to a most of language edits in the town’s waterfront ordinance.

In Arundel, the tally was 70.3 percent opposed to the casino (766-324), 55.2 percent for Medicaid expansion (602-489), 68.7 percent for the transportation bond (747-341), and 59.6 percent in support of the constitutional amendment (624-423).

Arundel did not have any local referendum issues on the ballot.

DAM MEETING — With proposals on hand from two firms looking to take over operating licenses for the three Mousam River dams now owned and operating by the Kennebunk Light and Power District, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has begun its review of the proposals.

Toward that end, FERC has scheduled two “scoping session” to obtain public feedback on the first of those applications, submitted by America First Hydro of Scarsdale, New York.

Those meetings, held “to receive input on the scope of the EA (environmental assessment)” on the river, will be held at 1 and 6 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 11. Both sessions will take place in the town hall auditorium. FERC will also conduct an environmental site review on Tuesday, Dec. 12, starting at 9 a.m. in the parking lot of the Kesslen Dam on Berry Court Road.

According to FERC, “meeting participants should come prepared to discuss their issues and/or concerns as they pertain to the licensing of the Lower Mousam Project.” To review America First Hydro’s pre-pplications documents (PAD), go to FERC’s website (www.ferc.gov), click the “eLibrary” link, and enter the docket number, P-14856-000.

A notice of intent and related pre-application documents has also been submitted by a local group, Save the Mousam, LLC. A scoping session for that proposal is expected to be scheduled by FERC at a later date.

Compiled by Staff Writer Duke Harrington. He can be reached at news@kennebunkpost.com.

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