2017-11-03 / Letters

Recreation of boats a worthy endeavor

To the editor:

I have just read your article about Booth Chick (a very good friend of mine) and the Sarah B. I would like to add some information to you that probably would have come out had I been able to be at the boat school on the morning of Oct. 20. I was unable to be there because a message on my computer about the affair, early Oct. 20, was not seen by me until the afternoon of Oct. 20. Anyway, I am the original owner of the Sarah B., named for my young daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Hussey, who was young in 1960s when Booth Chick built the skiff for me.

It was towed for years behind several of my boats – a Crocker 20, our class racing boat at the Arundel Yacht Club in the 1960s, then in 1967 I moved up to a Bristol 27. We transported the Sarah B. to Bristol, Rhode Island, and it trailed behind the new Bristol 27 on a Memorial Day sail through the Cape Cod Canal and home to Kennebunkport. Next boat was a Tartan 34 in 1969, then a C&C 35 in 1975, when we made many trips to Jewell Island in Casco Bay with the Sarah B. trailing behind. I have a picture of my two sons as we are going up the Western Way toward Southwest and Northeast harbors on Mount Desert Island in 1981 and you can see the Sarah B. trailing behind.

As you can see, the Sarah B. was a big part of our lives for about 50 years, but I was boatless for the latter part of those years, the Sarah B. didn’t hit the water for a long time.

The Sarah B. was at our summer place in Stonington on Deer Isle for quite a few years and when we sold the summer home in 2014, we brought the Sarah B. back to Kennebunkport and it sat on two horses in our backyard through the awful winter of 2015.

Come spring I felt I had to give the boat a better home. My neighbor across the street is Rich Woodman, a boat builder and party schooner owner.

I approached him to see if he was interested in owning the Sarah B. He sure was. And now Rich is director of education at the Landing School and as such thought the cloning of Booth Chick’s creation was a great idea. I agree whole-heartedly.

Peter A. Hussey

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