2017-11-03 / Letters

Question 1 a bad deal for southern Maine

I was saddened to see the spread of yes on 1 signs on Route 1 in Wells and Kennebunk. I hope their number is representative only of the amount of money being spent to convince us that a casino in York County is a good idea, rather than of the number of residents that support it.

Even if a casino would bring about all the benefits its supporters claim, is it worth it to build a business that preys on the most vulnerable in our society? Casinos make most of their profits from problem gamblers, not from casual guests. They also hurt local businesses, because they’re designed to keep people inside, rather than shopping or dining elsewhere.

Are we willing to trade the health of our local businesses, not to mention the health of our neighbors, for the dubious promise of a lower tax bill? I hope not.

A community is strongest when we recognize that we belong to one another, and act accordingly. I pray that we will think of one another and vote no on Question 1 in November.

The Rev. Andrew D’Angio White
St. David’s Episcopal Church,

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