2017-10-13 / Letters

Urge reps to support climate solutions

To the editor:

I awoke at 3 a.m. recently, as old folks often do. Got up, went to the bathroom and got a drink of water. Turned out the light and climbed back in my warm bed.

As I lay there, not able to get back to sleep, I began to think of what it must be like in Puerto Rico right now.

Most of the citizens there can do few to none of these routine things. Now imagine a couple of kids in the mix with diapers and so forth.

This is not a problem that will continue to be only for those unfortunate enough to live near the giant heat sink, the Gulf of Mexico. Maybe in Maine it will be another epic ice storm.

Perhaps the summers will continue getting hotter and drive the sugar maples and the lobsters north. Climate change is coming to a theater near you sooner than later.

One thing you can do is to urge your congressional delegation to sign on and support the Climate Solutions Caucus. Sixty members of the House have signed on, both Republicans and Democrats. They have agreed that climate change is real, humans are big part of causing it, and Congress needs to act. I hope you will call or e-mail your representative and senators and ask them to join.

Take a look at the Citizens’ Climate Lobby website: www.ciizensclimatelobby.org for a market-based plan to address fossil fuels in a practical way.

Karen Tolstrup

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