2017-10-13 / Letters

Saving Town House School is important

To the editor:

I lived in Kennebunk and Wells for more than 20 years. I’m in Los Angeles now, caring for my mother who is in her 90s, but the preservation of the schoolhouse as a community asset is very important to me.

The incredible success of the Friends of the Town House School fundraising shows how important saving this building is to the Kennebunks.

The restored schoolhouse building can be used for all sorts of lectures, classes and demonstrations. It will be a very important asset to the entire community.

Now, part of the Friends’ success has been to raise money for the building’s ongoing maintenance, so this critical neglect never happens again.

The key is to establish a dedicated schoolhouse fund with all money over the restoration costs, so no one fritters away the remaining money on small projects and expenses. Old buildings are only expensive when they’re neglected!

Just like any building the schoolhouse will require a cyclical maintenance program, so that future repairs are always completed on time.

I’m certain that the Kennebunkport Historical Society has just such a program for White Columns, checking gutters each year to prevent the development of ice dams, checking the electrical system for fire safety, the columns themselves for hidden water damage, etc.

The sort of program anyone with a large old building must have to control expenses and plan for the future.

Again, the Friends of the Town House School have proved their management and planning skills to a spectacular degree.

What a gift they’ve given everyone.

Gregory Hubbard
Los Angeles

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